Baby delivery charges at Kailsh Hospital Noida.

What will be the charges of normal delivery and operation in Kailash hospital at
Noida? please share the recent experience and cost .


  • hey depika i dont know about Kailash, but i know charges in Apollo hospital opposite Kailash in sector 26 Noida. The delivery charges are Approx 80k for normal delivery and 1.15 Lakh for c-section. there are some other charges too like medicine etc.. Hope this info is helpful
  • @Deepikatomar one of my friend had delivered her baby at Kailash. she had a very good experience. she is very well satisfied with the doctors there staff etc.
    she told me the cost for normal delivery is :40000 and for operation it will be: 61000. This is the cost if you took single room.
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