Gynaecologist/Hospital near banaswadi,ramamurthy Nagar,Horamavu,Kalyan Nagar

Hello, I am 4 weeks pregnant( we checked at home). Now, we are looking for a Gynaec to confirm and also consult during the pregnancy period.
I am looking for a good Gynaec( Prefers Normal Delivery) andis patient enough to listen to us and not rush through as this is our first kid.
Also, a good hospital which has NICU and other facilities in nearby areas banaswadi,ramamurthy Nagar,Horamavu,Kalyan Nagar


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    Dr Vijaya sherbet is a very experience gynecologist. I totally understand your point as I was also a first time mom when I started consulting her!
    Sometime doctors do't prefer to answer , may be they are expert and think our question is silly but how do we know that? The best thing about Dr Vijaya is that she quietly hears out all queries and clarifies them.

    She sits in Womens wellness Clinic in Kalyan Nagar opposite Hennur Banaswadi club above health and glow. I used to consult her at her clinic and delivered normally my daughter in Columbia Asia Hebbal. Best of Luck to you @shikha_sj :)
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