Suggest a good gynecologist in Pune near Deccan

I am looking for a good gynecologist in Pune ,near Deccan. Can someone please suggest based on their experience.


  • Dr Sanjay and Asmita Gupte located on Bhandarkar road in Deccan .They were my gynecologist & I had a great experience with them.

    If there is any complication in conceiving or any other issues then go for Sanjay Gupte.He is wonderman. Dr Ashmita gupte looks after pregnant women.But if complication is there then it is Dr. Sanjay Gupte. Also to add further about this
    Dr couple(Dr Sanjay & Dr Asmita). Normally Dr.Asmita Gupte handles cases till nine months,however deliveries are taken care by Dr.Sanjay Gupte.

    She was my gynecologist and she is really nice doctor- soft spoken and understand all issues and problem related with pregnancy . Their hospital is really nice and ultrasound lab - path is all in the one hospital . It's very convenient so you don't have to run post and pillar for the test . It's specialized hospital in reproductive system so you really don't have to worry once you are registered with them . First meeting will be without appointment and next meetings will be with appointment . When I used to go the go over there in 2012 the consultation charges were 250 / - Their on call doctor are available in case if you have any query . I like their approach towards pregnant woman and their ultra sound lab which is really awesome . I hope this much information will be useful to you . In case you have any further query you can ask and I will be happy to help
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