Some good Rheumatologist ( Arthiritis Specialist ) in Bangalore

Hello Friends..
I am sharing a list of good Rheumatologist in Bangalore. These are real life experience of my friends. Hope it helps you..

Dr. K M Mahendranath in Kumara Park West : Arthritis can not be cured... and I am one of the victim. Visit DR. Mahendranath . He is a Rheumatologist... Best doctor in Bangalore. Quite expensive. He charges 1500 per visit. But best doctor I can say You must go once before going to somewhere else..

Dr. Sudesh Hedge at Mallya Hospital : He is Rheumatologist arthritis specialist and best in his field. One of my close relative was unable to walk even she was unable to turn her head. She did not understand what is happening then after a long research She got a reference to Dr. Sudesh. and she is fine now, She got the right treatment at the right time. She is active again.

Dr. Satish R Kalanbje at Yeshwanthpur : My mother is suffering from RA since the past 5 years. She was an active woman till my marriage after which pain started. Her bones have changed shape. RA is different from normal arthritis and it can't be cured..only controlled with medication... Her right knee joint was totally damaged and she underwent total knee replacement surgery but of no use...she goes to Dr. Satish Kalinger in Bangalore hospital... It's really tough seeing her like that... She went for physicio but was not helpful.

Dr. Ramesh Jois at Fortis BG Road : My mother is 52 yrs old and suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis near her ankle and we been looked in for all options and top doctors from Karnataka and now she is been treated with Dr Ramesh Jois from Fortis and feeling better but not cured I have seen her suffering hell of pain Where in past she was unable to walk and my brother and father use to carry her to bathroom it took us lot of time to identify her problem as many doctors could not find the cause


  • Thanks Ritesh, this was really some helpful information. I would like to add to the list about Apollo. My uncle was suffering from arthritis for a very long time. We consulted a lot of doctors and checked multiple options but nothing was working. This was when someone recommended Apollo to us. After undergoing treatment there, my uncle is a lot better now. The doctors there are really nice and very good at what they do.
  • Hi @riteshk and @Anand_Sharma I am 35 year old and last one year I had been suffering from moving pain in different joints this time when doctor advised me the full body check up which consisted of Arthritis scanning as well. And this time MY ANA of rheumatoid arthritis has come positive . My question is do i really need to see specialist or this can be a false reading. Can some one at this age is really suffering from arthritis . Can you please connect me to the patient as I have lot to discuss
    @Anand_Sharma which doctor in Apollo you met ?
  • Hi all ,

    I am suffering from Ankylosing spondylitis for eighteen years, I have tried all most good Doctor in this field from may onward my problem aggravated recently I meet my old Rheumatologist of Kolkata but this time he told me that the all medicine for this not responding me and he lost all hope for me, now can you suggest me Best Doctor for this problem at Bangalore.
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