Suggest good doctor for diabetes treatment in Gurgaon/Delhi area

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I live in Gurgoan. I am 31 years old. And recently diagnosed with diabetes. My doctor has prescribed me heavy list of medicine and asked me to meet him on every 15 days. My Hba1c reading was 7.0.

However I am not very satisfied with my current doctor's treatment. Can someone please tell me the best doctor for diabetes treatment in Gurgoan or nearby Delhi area.

Also please share tips about how do you manage your diabetes. And how often you need to see a doctor?

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    Hi, My father detected diabetes a year back.. and he went quite weak. POst ur reference to this doctor, he has improved on his health - and he gives minimum medicines....
    WHile you would need to ensure chanmge in your daily routine...eating habits, walk etc.... I think it should benefit you. GIven that you are young, you need to have minimum mediinces...
    We refer to our old doctor, Dr Devender Taneja. He sits in his clinic in SUpermart - 1 (Jeewan Clinic). Near galleria. Contact no: 9810070333. but you shuld get an apointment from his clinic: 0124-4041465.

    He is a genuine doc... and I find in gurgaon.. docs only there to earn money.... so I always prefer to go through known sources..

    Hope it helps..
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    Dr. Saptarshi Bhattacharya, AIIMS qualified is a known endocrinologist. He sits in Noida (Kailash Hospital & Max) and Max Hospital, Patparganj. Preferable to take prior appointments.
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    Dr. S. K. Wangnoo, is a good endocrinologist. My brother is getting his treatment since last 2.5 years. Good thing about him is he follows a proper diagnosis process to treat your diabetes viz. increasing/decreasing or changing medicines. Initially, he may ask you to visit every 15 days for once/twice and once diabetes is in control, he may call you every 2-3 months which i guess is necessary for proper monitoring.
    He sits in Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Sarita Vihar and can be reached at 9810851820.


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  • Dr Ambrish Mittal form Medanta Medicity gurgaon is so for the best doctor I have come across for diabetes. Diabetes runs in our family and someone in my office told me about this doctor. We consulted him and now can vouch for him that he is a real expert endocrinologist and handles the complex diabetes case with ease so I totally recommend him....But the only problem is that he is a really busy doctor so tough to get appointments.

    I have heard Dr Beena Bansal is also good in Medicity for diabetes treatment.
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  • I went to Dr. Narendra K Gupta three months back . Both me and my wife are Diabetic for last 10 years and my wife was on insulin. Both of us were completely out of control for almost 6 months. Dr. Gupta promised us that we will be under control in 6 months time. We are so happy to inform that within 3 months our Diabetes is under control and my wife is out of insulin which she was using for last 4 years. We have gone to many specialists in so many places but not met a Doctor of Dr. Gupta's competency. If any body is looking for a sustainable result, I think he is the best choice. God bless Dr. Gupta.
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    I was diagnosed of Diabetes 8 years ago, at the age of 28. With whatever tests that were done, I was told that I am a type 1 diabetic and because my counts were over 500 fasting, I was immediately put on insulin. Humalog 3 times a day and Lantus at night.

    Insulin controlled my sugar levels quite a bit; I really had no problems, except that my weight went up slowly. Until I realized that I was not able to manage it because of frequent travels.. my Hba1c and fasting sugar was not in control.

    Doctors decided to try out and put me on Humalog 1 time a day, added Amril 2mg 2 times a day and Lantus as before. This cased me to go into frequent hypoglycemia.

    Things didn’t seem in control at all when my sugar dropped to 40 very frequently. Hence, I was put back on insulin as before.

    With Hba1c hovering between 7.2 to 7.6 and frequent hypoglycemia, I decided to google for an alternate.

    That’s when I came across Dr. Narendra K Gupta, I read about him and saw his youtube videos. They seemed quite convincing.

    On first visit, he stopped all my insulin except Lantus and shifted me to a Janumet twice a day and Pioz 1 time a day. To my surprise, my sugar was starting to come in control. 1 week later on a follow up visit, he asked me to taper down the dosage of Lantus, gave me a schedule, diet plan (where I didn’t have to stay hungry) and exercise routine. I was told that by maximum 3 to 6 months I will be off insulin (Lantus).

    To my surprise the new treatment worked like magic. After all the test that Dr. Gupta did he figured out that I was infact a type 2 diabetic (Fascinating!!). My fasting sugar was below 100 nearly every day. And by the 15th day I was off all Insulin that I had been taking for last 8 years. I have lost weight and feel healthier. I don’t have to worry about hypoglycemia all the time. And I still do eat some sweet now and then.

    I highly recommend Dr. Gupta, he is very thorough and takes each case differently. He prefers not to give medication if not required, suggests several home remedies.

    If anyone wants detailed investigation and through checkup, Dr. Gupta is the person. I have been to doctors from Medanta, Apollo, Sita Ram Bhartia, Paras, Max, just to name a few, but nowhere have I got the satisfaction. And no one has spent 1 hour with me on the first visit to understand my case.

    Now, my wife and my mother are both consulting Dr. Gupta for Insulin Resistance and Diabetes and both are happy. Dr Narendra Gupta is truly the best doctor for Diabetes in Gurgaon!
  • @saurabh
    Thanks for sharing your experience. Could you pl tell where is Dr Gupta's clinic?
  • I see him at 5813 Aster Court, Dlf Phase 4 Gurgaon, opp Supermart 1
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    hi saurabh ,my mother is 47 and currently diagnosed with brittle diabetic after 4 year of uncontrol diabetics with frequent fluctuation..hav visited many doctors and even after following treatment properly ...she is hospitalised twice ...she is very particular about diet and excercise bt its nt we r visiting dr.anoop mishra at fortis c-c doc..she is prescribed with 4 times insulin a day with complex regime ..and stil its nt vry much nt in control..can u suggest dr.gupta experienced to deal with such cases?

  • I am 42 and just diagnosed with diabetes 3 months back and my physician recommended for glychem tablet.

    I shall like to consult some good doctor of diabetes
  • @manoj I consulted my friend and found that Dr. Ras Bage at St. Stephen Hospital ( Tis hazari Delhi ) is best. and here is the review of my friend

    My father is getting treatment from Dr. Ras Bage. He is the MS of this Hospital. He is specialist in curing disease through Medicines and prescribe medicines after a brief check up. Last year I admitted my father in Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh but the doctors there were not be able to identify the disease.
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  • Kindly suggest me a good Dr for diabetes treatment in Gurgaon
  • @saurabh I am in exact same situation as you . While the c-peptide indicates I have enough insulin reserve but all other symptoms indicate T1D. I really want to discuss with you regarding this. My situation and age is exactly as yours. Maybe over the phone or email. Please let me know if it is ok with you.
  • Dr Paras Agarwal in Sector 15 Gurgaon is very good Diabetologist. My family members show to him and lots of my frriends whom I recommended to him are also very happy with his treatment. He is very courteous and good in his skills, for thyroid and hypertension management also. I have lost 6kg weight with his diabetes treatment plan
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  • Dr Suresh V Sharma at GNH Hospital uses a completely different method for controlling diabetes. The method is difficult but works 100%. He puts his patients on raw uncooked food to manage the blood sugar. Those who are able to follow this unique method get their blood sugar within normal limits within 7-15 days and slowly come off most of the medicines. The principle is very simple. When we eat cooked food it gets digested very quickly and all the calories are released into the blood thereby raising the sugar levels. Since the body is not consuming all the calories in this short span of time the sugar levels for those who are diabetic rises while in others the excess calories are converted into fat. During the time we are not eating between two meals this stored fat gets converted into calories again and gets used. The raw food takes 5-8 hours in getting first cooked in the stomach and intestine and then releases sugar very slowly just at the pace at which the body requires calories. There is no sudden spurt in sugar levels and this helps in bringing the sugar levels to normal without the support of medicines. Hundreds of patients have tried this successfully but few are able to completely change their lifestyle. Shifting to Raw food helps Obese patients, High BP patients, Diabetic Patients and Acidity Patients. Raw uncooked food means chopping into very small pieces- all kinds of vegetables and fruits and consuming them together. You may add curd to this to make it a little soft. No salt, spices or oils need to be added. For your fat requirement consume dryfruits like almonds etc
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    My father was suffering from for more than 5 years and this disease had led to many side effects which made my father very weak. He was under medication from a renowned diabetic Consultant of our city but there was hardly any improvement in his health. We all were worried a lot about his deteriorating condition. At that moment we came to know about Dr Yuvraj and we took my father to his He went through all the tests of my father and started his treatment. His treatment coupled with his counselling worked amazingly and within just three weeks the sugar level of my father came down noticeably. We are extremely thankful to Dr Yuvraj for his nice and superb diabetic treatment. Till today my father is following his medicines and other diet plan properly and we can notice a huge improvement within him. Other side effects which caused due to high level of sugar have cured almost. Today my father is able to do work as he used to do before and he also feels that he is getting cured fast. So, I will recommend the name of Dr Yuvraj to anyone who wants to control their diabetes.
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    Saurabh, please inform us your contact details if you allowed to discuss your experience with Dr. Narendra Gupta.
    Because i also fade up with other doctors sitting in Medanta, Fortis etc
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  • @Partha @saurabh
    I want to know the Teliphone No. Dr.NarendraKumar Gupta; 5813 Aster Court; D L F Phase4 Gurganwa; opp. Supermart 1.

    Kindly share if you have.

  • My mother was suffering from diabetes since 12 years, we visited many a places but her diabetes never came under control, as there were lot of fluctuations and her kidney function had started to worsening. Our friend recommended me to Dr Paras Agarwal in Gurgaon sector 15. He was very courteous and pleasant to talk to on phone and simply asked us to come with patient once all previous reports. He gave us good 15 mins in understanding and changed the treatment a little bit, and did not get any unncessary tests done. He explained us the treatment plan very well and within 2-3 weeks my mother's sugars are perfectly alright. I found him just the right doctor to have for a family member, a doctor who gives time and understands the patient's situations which are often missed by many doctors in a hurry. He is very honest in his approach, His appointment is available through calling number 9999251771, and clinic staff is also very courteous. Thanks to him, I was lucky also refered by my friend to him and now tension is much less for my mother.
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    Hello all

    My son is 26 year old and he is class 1 diabetic Since the age of 4..he is in job and most of the time he comes very late in the evening & take his dinner at office.He goes around 8.30 and comes back at 12pm…he has no exercise,normal routine life is distributed …kindly suggest what can be done from your ( or your relative )personal experience of managing diabetes in hectic life style.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hello, My name is Ajit and my mother has been diagnosed with the same condition of diabetes, yes the doctors keep on calling her every 15 days and this has been a real pain. Doctors tend to make money from a patient of diabetes and proceed with insulin or other lists of medicines. We have gone for I don’t even know the count of doctors now. Eventually, in my search for an appropriate doctor I met Dr. Suresh Vatsyaynn from Gurgaon – Sector 53 we went there he told us to stop all medications which my mother use to take and with his help and guidance, she is able to control her diabetes and way better now.

    I don’t know much about the disease earlier, but because of his keen knowledge, he explained how it happened to my mother and what are the measures that will control it. My mother is happy with the treatment and so am I. We went to the clinic only 2 times and now we don’t even need to visit him as per his instruction to consult and provide information over the phone or WhatsApp. I hope he will help you with your matter.
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    My experience in treatment of diabetes took a different turn after I was refered to Dr Paras Agarwal in Gurgaon. So far i was being managed by a non specialist in diabetes and did not realise what I was not doing right. My hba1c was 11.2% despite few medicines written to me and I was doing lots of medicines told by friends.. Doctor Agarwal sorted out and explained clearly how to take most benefit of minimal medicines if you take them right. My stomach problem also got better and kidney function improved with his treatment when my hba1c came down to 6.2 in 4 and half months. It is now maintained well with a good feeling every day i go to office. I have realised allopathic medicines are good and effective, and surprisingly free of side effects if doctors prescribe it right way, I have changed my mindset to allopathic care. After seeing so many doctors in big hospitals I have finally found my physician and diabetes doctor so u can try
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