Baby delivery experience in Aditya Birla Hospital Pune under Dr. Seema Jain

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I had my delivery in Aditya Birla Hospital Pune under care of Dr. Seema Jain. I stayed there for 5 days and it the cost was approximately 65000. We paid through insurance. Nurses were good . They were always available when we needed them. They took good care of baby and me. Infect during our stay we never bathed baby . It was all taken care by nurses. Doctors came on visit everyday. Food was provided as per my choice.I have been advised post delivery exercises also.


  • @Rumi Can you please tell me the process of registration in Aditya Birla Hospital and what is the registration fee. Do they accept card payment ? What are the staying facilities for attendant ? Thanks in advance.
  • @raikhushbu We had corporate insurance so my admission was cashless in the hospital. After delivery we settled the amount through insurance. Our amount exceeded the insured limit and we had to pay the balance amount from our side. Yes they accept card. My Husband stayed with me . Room facilities defer depending on the kind of room you opt there for delivery!
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    Sharing Somone in my social circle's delivery experience with Dr Sandeep Bhat at Aditya Birla Hospital.

    "I delivered at Aditya Birla. And my babies position was not favorable for a normal delivery.Yet Dr. Bhat tried a lot but since the water level went down we had to do an emergency c section. Since I delivered on Sunday, the cost went upto 1.5 lacs as birla charges emergency charges for deliveries on weekend and public holidays.Also we had no man power, it was only me and my hubby, we went for my delivery at Birla. Service There is awesome You should just go empty handed. They provide u everything, right from food till baby's clothes.
    The staff at birla is very humble, helpful n prompt. I would suggest, if u are going for Dr. Bhat, get your opds done there as he's very reasonable. He charges as less as 100 rs for consultation + u get personal attention. He is available anytime for a call, even at midnight. He's absoulty not money minded and won't misguide under any circumstance. While getting hospitalized go for birla cause bhat clinic is too mediocre."
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  • @Rumi‌ , What about Dr. Seema Jain ? is she ok for consultancy cause, its my 12th week she has instructed me to go for USG for 3 times and though i am 25 only she has suggest to go for Double marker test. Till now she has not given adequate time for consultancy even also not available on cell.When i went for my NT Scan though i have the rights to see my baby through system the doc. has directly told me NO for this(?).

    @Manisha‌ , is Dr. Sandeep Bhat is still available in Aditya Birla,if you don't mind can you please share me his number, coz we had an emergency & the doctor herself refused to give her contact number and no one was available to handle the call till the end of the day.Kindly suggest.
  • @Sarmi I found Dr Seema jain fine. But I think Doctor and patient relationship is very personal. And I was comfortable with this doctor . You can try other doctor with whom you are comfortable and discuss all your queries. It is important that you clarify all your doubts with the doctor.

    For me I had a baby heart beat scan at 6th week and Level 1 scan at 12th week so total 2 scans till 12th week. But I know that if there is any doubt in the level 1 scan then doctors also prescribe the double marker test for doubly sure of baby's health. Was your level one scan was completely normal ?
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