Feedback of Dr Garima Jain practicing in Bangalore

I will like to know about reviews of Gynecologist Dr Garima Jain in Bangalore. Specifically I want to know about her track record for normal deliveries. Any information in this regard would be really helpful.


  • @Raj_bangalore One of my friend in social circle consulted her during her pregnancy. She says that Garima jain is a good gynecologist in marathahalli area. Though she had a C-section and she does not know personally anyone who had normal deliveries under her supervision but says that she has a pretty good track record of normal deliveries too and is more interested in complicated cases.

    Hope this information helps you .
  • I had a very bad experience with Dr Garima Jain, during my second pregnancy. Our baby suffered from head injuries during the delivery and had to be hospitalise for three months. We also came to know later that she is just MBBS with a diploma, not a specialist gynec. She talks sweetly but will make sure that she cuts you open to deliver your baby. She will keep telling you that everything is fine till your labour and then insist on C-section at the last moment citing some complication that may endanger the mother's or baby's life so that you are forced to opt for Caesarean. We came to know this later that there is not one hospital in Whitefield area where Garima has not worked but leaves /is asked to leave from everywhere.
  • Its really surprising and sad to hear these comments about her. We had very positive experience with Dr. Garima Jain for the whole pregnancy period. The best we liked is her attitude and the positiveness in her which boost the patient and very important feature in a doctor.. my wife had normal delivery. Its worth to mention that before i started looking for a good doctor in marathalli area, i was little skeptical taking her advice. But after few visits and talking to other patients we built that confidence on her . And believe me i asked many patients they said she always tries for normal delivery, C-section only when patient builds up complication at the time of delivery.
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    @biswa I agree with your point totally here. Even my friend claims that she is the best doctor in marathalii area. I have spoken about Singdha's comment above with my friend who used to see Dr Garima and she was equally shocked to hear such things about Dr Garima. And my friend refuses to believe in the above statement just like you.

    @Snigdha so sorry to hear about what your baby's has gone through. How is baby doing now? And also can you please tell us the sources for such claim about Dr. Graima's degree etc.

  • Manisha, thanks for asking. Our baby is fine now. Our doctor has told us that he may develop a hearing disorder but we will have to wait and see what happens. You can check from any hospital where she has practised that she is a DGO i.e. Diploma in Gynaecology and Obstetrics and NOT Masters in Surgery (Gynec). I have many friends/acquaintances who have had very bad experiences with her. We were in love with her initially too because she is a sweet talker but when we nearly lost our child we came to know the reality. I know six other people who consulted her and all, I mean all had C-section under her. That can't be coincidence.
  • @snigdha My prayers are with you . Your baby shall always be fine.

    Would really like to thank you for sharing this with us. Atleast now all are aware of this incident. And people can make informed choice.
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  • @singdha @ biswa Please suggest me a good gynecologist near marathahalli . I am looking this information on urgent basis.
  • @Subhasmitap, my friends tell me that Dr. Gayatri Kamath at Fortis is good and if you insist on normal delivery, she will try her best to deliver normally.
  • We have very good experience with Dr Gayatri Jain( Bangalore, she worked in VIIMS, Brokefiled hosptials, Narayana muliti speciality ITPL) during my 2nd baby from day one (4th of carrying) till delivery and after that 2 years. We really happy the way she motivates, openly talks with smile, keep you +ve and suggestion things to be taken care during important period a part the medical tablets/regular checkup. We strongly recommend her always, with out 2nd thought we can go to her.

    We went to Manipal for my 1st son, did not like the doctors much , just they treat like a machines, Manipal hospital has very well equipped in case of emergency always.
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  • My wife and I had great experience with Dr Garima at Narayana muliti speciality whitefield.First of all she is soft spoken and humble. She had promised to get our baby through normal delivery and finally the same thing happened. I am very much grateful to her.
  • @amogha Thanks for sharing the feedback of Dr Garima...
    Which pediatrician are you taking your little one to?
  • Amogha joined on August 21 and commented on the same day, just for Garima Jain. These reviews are being written by her and her team. She is a very bad doctor. Our child went through hell because of her. I don't know of a single person who had normal delivery under her. All my friends/acquaintances will vouch for the fact that she doesn't know her subject and is only trying to reach financial targets given to her by Narayan Hrudalaya Hospital.
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  • Hello everyone...m new to the group...i want to know the reviews about Apollo Cradle Koramangala...Plz let me know...
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    I want to discuss one bad experience with Dr Garima Jain. I consulted Garima at the time of first pregnancy and found her as very comfortable and she was talking in my mother tongue also. Although I didn't had my delivery with her as I went to my hometown, I always suggested her name to all of my friends. One of my friend went to her and had her first scanning with her. After that my friend got cough and cold and she went to her for an emergency. The hospital people only gave her the appointment of 2.15. But garimma was not ready to see her as it was the time for her to leave. My friend and her husband requested her a lot saying that she is not at all well and needs to travel the very next day. But garimma was reacting very rudely and told that she can't stay back at all. Actually I was the one who referred her to garimma and I felt ashamed of the doctor's act. I felt it as very insensitive and unprofessional. I seriously didn't expect this from Garimma. From now onwards I ll never suggest her name to anybody.
  • Hi everyone,
    I am new to the group and can anyone let me know reviews about doctor Mahalakshmi KM gynaecologist who works in Aayug, yashomati hospitals in marathahalli?
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