CAUTION- OVUM Maternity Hospital, Banaswadi Bangalore

CAUTION- OVUM Maternity Hospital, Banaswadi- Bangalore

My wife happened to deliver a baby boy at OVUM on 17th of May, though OVUM was a new set up we decided to go with it as we got a good package deal and moreover was one among the recommended hospital by the gynecologist we were consulting "Dr. Rizwana Iqbal" of City Clinic of Frazer Town,

C-Section was confirmed in advance as this is our third child and previous 2 were C-Sections, to begin with Meenakshi who handles patient coordination and front office was exceptional from the word go, she was swift in getting us comfortable in the room followed by one of the Sisters Yarmila who took over in comforting my who was due to go in the OT in a few hours from then, through out Sister Yarmila was simply brilliant,

C-section happened on time around 3PM, our little one arrived hale and healthy, but post few hours of the operation we observed something unusual, there was a big bandage on my wife's left leg just above the ankle, initially we did not pay too much of attention as the focus was more on the post C-Section pain around the stitches,

After a day when things seem to settle down a bit, we asked the nursing staff as to why there existed a bandage just above the ankle, they replied "we are not sure on this, need to check with OT staff", we checked with the OT staff who replied, "we dont know, please check with your gynec", so when the gynec came for a general visit the next day, we checked with her who said "there is a small burn from the sticky plate(electrical equipment used by your obstetrician to stop bleeding during the surgery)", doctor made it look just like another incident and was never apologetic about it, we believed it to be small, after 4 days once back home the bandage came out, what we saw was SHOCKING, there was a scoop of flesh which was burnt and turned black in color, the scar was deep and scary, we visited the gynec immediately and this is what she had to say "These are normal things which happen you know, though the anesthesia had been administered maybe your wife has moved her leg which caused the burn, this is not medical negligence!" we expressed our dismay and how this incident was handled unprofessionally but she was not ready to accept, she did say that the necessary feedback has been given to the OT staff at the hospital who are new and inexperienced, but anyways the damage was done,

Its 21st June today more than a month from the C-section, my wife is struggling with the pain caused due to the wound, curse the one responsible for this, but who is to blame? the gynec? or the OT staff? I don't know, when good things happen it is considered team work, so the same rule applies here, isn't it? Attached pic shows the wound, this pic was taken after almost a month and a half post the section, so you could imagine how it actually looked when it happened.

Just after the C-section I happened to talk to one of the Medical Directors of OVUM, Dr Vekata Giri, everything had gone fine until that point of time and we had not seen the wound due to the burn, I found Dr.Venkat to be a man with values and is visionary, he believes in transparency and sincere Medical practice which these days is a challenge to find, but unfortunately he does not seem to get enough support from the other folks involved there, hopefully as the time goes they are able to have a more experienced and responsible OT staff

Overall if you are choosing OVUM, be on your toes and set your expectations low.


  • @Sadiq thanks for sharing your experience. It is very sad that your wife has to go through all this . How is she doing now?

    Accident can happen anywhere even in the OT while delivering the baby. It is very painful to see that hospital has not taken the responsibility and has shown the careless attitude.

    Hope the hospital is listening and would realize that even in future if something like this happen they should accept this and they should also explain the patient and their attended so that they are in better position to handle this.
  • Very rude staff and unethical behavior. We had to come to this hospital at 3am due to an emergency. My wife had some pain in her abdomen, she was 3 months pregnant then. Since, this was an emergency we had to come here instead of our regular hospital. The nurse asked us about our previous reports, and on knowing that we were new to the hospital, the nurse instructed my wife, 3months pregnant, to go the hospital that we were consulting. We told her that staff had informed us during the call that the doctor was available and that we had come to see the doctor. However the nurse insisted us to go and told us the doctor is busy. Clearly, if they had informed that the doctor won't be able to attend us beforehand we would not have come in the first place. Knowing that I had called for an emergency how can they be so irresponsible?
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