Rate of Normal Delivery Vs. C-Section at Columbia Asia & Inamdar Hospital



  • @Manisha thankyou so much!

    @purwaramit it was normal delivery!

    What I will suggest to all expectant mothers is that pregnancy is the foundation of your baby's life long health. So do make sure you give it your best.

    I had a full-term normal delivery with baby weighing 3.54kg. This was only possible because I took the best care I could.

    I have met expectant mothers who lose enthusiasm in later trimesters and start neglecting there nutrition and fitness.

    I also know from self-experience that it is hard to develop affection for someone whom you cannot see or feel. Many of us may not get that rosy/heavenly motherhood feeling until our baby arrives and start looking like a human-being! And that is what becomes the biggest hurdle for a healthy pregnancy. Many new moms regret not taking good care during pregnancy, especially when there newborns are low-weight or unfortunately suffer from some disorder.

    The health/ strength that you will build up during pregnancy will help you cope-up with the "demanding" postpartum. Normal delivery or C-section, your body does go through hell ;) Pregnancy is the best time to create and store energy for the post delivery days.

    There are 4 very crucial aspects of a healthy pregnancy - nutrition, rest, exercise and happy spirit (stress-free).

    In our Indian society people are of the mindset that pregnant women shouldn't exercise (stretches, squats, lunges) or go out** (essential for catching some fresh air and maintaining good mood). Most mothers and MILs would pontificate on doing household work for staying fit. The catch is, doing household work is not equal to doing exercise, and will never be. So stick to walking in your first trimester and then move on to walking plus light exercises in 2nd and 3rd trimester (obviously, after checking with your gynae and physiotherapist). DO NOT EXERCISE WITHOUT CONSULTATION.

    Eating for two is not = to eating twice as much! Don't overeat. Check with gynae or nutritionist for the extra calories you need to take according to pregnancy stage. Always chose healthy food. Do not just fill yourself up - eat healthy. Lots of greens! The first comment which came across my way when I met people post delivery was "you do not look like as if you were pregnant and delivered a baby!"

    Take rest but do not sleep throughout the day. Taking 1-2 short naps works best. Take complete 8-9 hours of sleep in the night. Try sleeping on your left from the start of pregnancy.

    Always remember: You are pregnant and not sick! So keep your spirits high, enjoy the pregnant feeling and stay happy.

    **Going out does not mean holidaying/ hiking/ seeking adventure or relishing bike rides!!
    Going out means - going in nature, enjoying slow life, getting out of the 4 walls and refreshing yourself.

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    @somedayMomma Thanks a lot for sharing your delivery experience and so good to know that You had normal delivery. Its so good to read the entire journey of yours and @Ray . Thank you so much girls for sharing with us. You girls are helping so many people who are reading this. GOD bless you :) . :)

    Keep sharing your experiences as every experience help.

    @Ray wow :) ...such a nice pregnancy tips!! Having gone through childbirth all myself I can definitely say this is one of the best summary which works. If any one can really go through the lines and understands it and follow they will come back to thank you <3 . I can also totally vouch for that there is no alternative for exercise at any stage in life .Taking care of your body ( exercise ) and soul ( indulging in nature walk , hobbies, helping) both are equally important for overall health.
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