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" You gave me your time , the most thoughtful gift of all "

I am thankful to all the users of medlly to be the part of the community and extend helping hand by sharing relevant experiences. I started medlly with a thought of helping people who are looking for information and reviews and people kept coming and joining the group. Sometimes I am really amazed to see how people help endlessly.

I think it is important as thousands of people come here on daily basis. Some read information some publish their query and some send me their query in personal message and some share their experience.

As these above describe activities suggested It is a community for people who are looking for genuine feedbacks to make a informed choice. Means if you have any question you can ask in that particular city and also if you know a good doctor you can suggest or share your experience.

Among the all community users majority of the people ask questions. And very few of the people share their feedback( there is overlap between these two set also ) and thousand of others are silent observers.

Today I feel grateful towards many of such active members who keep contributing and are among the power users of the community. This is the real big help as I had gone through the situation and I know very voice, very feedback , very review matters when you are looking for a good doctor for your issue. So once again I am thank you from bottom of heart for sharing your experience and helping others. It's a unique ability by which we can help. Thanks a lot.

I hope in future also you will keep helping and motivating others to help as well.

I am naming few of them . Please pardon me as I can not mention all the names in a go in this list. But I really thank each one of you from bottom of my heart

@Rajat Arora @Khatter Priyanka @Deepesh @Vedika @madhavi @Shakti @Query @aasha @Sulekha @swadesh @kapilraju @Vaishali @Kums @Riddhima @tabs @Sreekanth Atturu @Anitha @Harini @Saurabh Shakya @saurav2014 @Query @Shailendra Shakya @Shailendra Sachan @prashant1 @Somnath Chatterjee @somedayMomma @shivi @Umakantgupta @saifuddin @dhawal1 @Kums .

Keep sharing and help each other


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