Suggest a good pediatrician in Pune.

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Suggest a good pediatrician in Pune.

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  • i would suggest Dr. Manjusha Gojhe at Childrens clinic,T-18,third floor,destination centre,magarpatta city ,ph:09049378122/6723995
  • you may contact Dr. Archna Kher from columbasia,kharadi pune. she has almost 20yrs of experience. she is available strictly as per appointment, so book your appointment before a week. she does not entertain walkin basis patient.
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  • Dr. Umesh and Dr. Raj both are the best doctors in Pune. And here are those reviews :

    Dr. Umesh Vaidya at Sahyadri : Dr. Umesh Vaidya is very good .He can resolve complex issue of baby.. I refer to him for both of my children. One who is 7 years old and the other is 6 months. He has a very busy clinic. But his clinic will always try and accommodate if baby is unwell even with all full appointments.

    Dr Raj Ganacharya : Go to Dr. Raj Ganacharya from Jahangir. He is simply the best and coolest doctor. You do not need to run to him if you have petty issues. Just sms and explain him he will reply you immediately.
    Very chilled out and very practical doctor.
  • Hi Guys,

    I was disgusted by the way Dr. ARCHANA KHER handles her patients.
    My baby is 2 months old & one night @ 10.30 pm started crying inconsolably. As there are no Pedatrician available in the night i requested the hospital guys to connect me to Archana Kher.
    First of all she was amazingly rude in her way of talking & said are you going to pay for the call.Come to hospital tomorrow & submit 400 rupees & was least concerned to hear my plea.
    This is something i dont expect from a doctor.
    I have changed my doctor after that.
    For me personally she is a strict no no.
    Highly inhuman & unprofessional.

  • Never ever visit Dr. Archana Kher .she should not be called a doctor at all . My one month baby was not well so I took her to Columbia Asia Pune. As all appointments were booked an she was the only paediatrician available (it being a public holiday 15th Sep 2016 Ganesh Chaturdashi ), I asked the nurses if I can consult her in walkin .They first said no and later on after consulting with the doctor told me to do payment and the fact that I will have to wait because it was a walkin .I did the same and waited for my appointment.

    But the moment we entered we got to know there was something wrong .She was rude right from the word go. They way she was asking questions and replying to our questions was utterly disgusting . Let me mention it one by one .

    1. Dr. What's the problem
    We. She has stomach pain.
    Dr. How do you know?( wtf we are not doctors .we will say what we believe .Instead of saying I will chk she was adamant on the fact that how do we know the baby had pain)

    2. Dr. Does she have fever?
    We. She DIDNOT have in the morning But now I think she is feverish
    Dr. Did u check?
    We. We felt so just sometime back(after leaving for hospital )
    Dr. U can feel so hundred times .Does not mean she has fever .
    We. it. In that case can u check here once.
    Dr. Shouting ,that's not my job .Nurse will check( Dude, what did we say wrong. If in the hospital it's the nurse who checks fever then she should have given a call to the nurse or could Have checked herself. She is a doctor of course .She did not do either)

    3. Does she drink breastmil?
    We. No she doesn't latch on and that's why the milk production has reduced.
    Dr. Do u even feed whatever little amount is produced.
    We. No. Because she just doesnot take it.
    Dr. She should be fed breastmilk as much as possible .
    We. Agreed.

    4. at the end she cursed us saying neither you nor your baby can get well if u ask so many questions.

    5. She said it's the baby nature to be cranky and nothing can be done for it.

    6. She even said " Ek to walkin me aaye ho and 10 min se zyaada le liya" as if she did not charge in walkin.

    Shame on such doctors.
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  • I agree with Shikhiraj.. She's kinda rude can't depend on her in terms of emergency cases.. But she's a very senior Dr so I suggest.. If you have to consult anything and you're able to pre plan then visit her otherwise don't expect any help from her. She doesn't entertain on phone or walkin patients.. Very money minded. She's not humble at all and doesn't understand what emergency is.
  • I would like to clarify few points about Dr Kher.
    Since my baby's birth our pead is dr kher . Infact she was present at d time of delivery too in Columbia asia as one of my friends had recommended her to us so we asked our gynec that dr kher should be there when I deliver my baby.
    We did not face any problem so far while going walk-in or with appointment.
    I usually msg her whenever my baby is unwell or need to ask sth and she always reply even late night also . My baby is 1.5 yr and she even asked by msg twice whether my baby is well or not after few days. This appreciate this gesture from a very busy doctor.
    At few instances she scolded me too over phone when asked some queries but she later on asked about my baby's recovery.
    It might be an individual's behaviour,after getting so many calls from patients many tend to get frustrated.
    She also gives her complete time during consultation. Despite of full appointments we sometimes consulted her for 30 minutes. She replies very patiently.
    We appreciate d way she diagnoses my baby n her medicines r very effective.
    She always suggest to keep all.medicines with us and whenever baby is not well just ask her over phone she will advise.
    Not even once we consulted another doctor.
  • I have complied a list of good pediatrician in pune based on my colleagues, friends and families recommendation. Expecting the list will be beneficial to others. The list is in no particular order

    ---Dr Anand Pandit---- Fc road..British Library Building, Opposite Hotel Vaishali, Ferguson, Law College Rd, Pune----He is very good , we always go to him for the right diagnosis
    ---Dr. Aruna Sanghvi---- FC road--A child friendly doctor . will never bombard with medicines

    ---Dr Sachin Shah .......Rainbow Clinic (Aundh), Paranjape Westend Plaza, Next to Convergys Building, Above Comfort Furniture, Aundh---He is really good doctor , expert in handling babies.

    ---Dr Anshu sethi ---Apollo clinic ,Viman nagar & Aundh--She is an amazing pediatrician / She will give time explain parents and will be calming in her ways.

    ---Dr. Rajan Joshi-----Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital, Pune --We go to him for our 3 year old boy. Doctor is very crisp and clear in what he wants us to do. I like this about him.

    ---Dr. Suneel Godbole...-----.020-24486744 Chiranjeev Clinic and also visits Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital

    ---Dr. Nandkumar Ganesh Kanade........... (Kanade Clinic) Navi Peth- sadashiv peth---

    ----Dr. Ajit Padalkar ------Padalkar Paediatric Hospital & Neonatal Care Unit---I recommend dr Ajit. When we first went to him with our 20 days baby . we had so many qeries and he was really patient with us. we still go to him only.
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