Looking for a good pediatric opthamologist who is expert handling squint eyes in kids in Bangalore

My son's eyes looks little squinted occasionally when he looks in a certain angle or when he wakes up, rest of the time it looks perfectly alright. he is one year old. We saw a doctor and he said as long as it's not constant there is nothing to worry and it will go on its own. Anyone who faced or is facing similar situations kindly share ur experience. Please suggest a good pediatric opthamologist for second opinion.


  • Hey Asha51 It's sometimes called the lazy eye. It goes away with age. But keep checking in with the doctor regularly like once in a year. The child is still small and because of which the face and eye coordination makes it look like squint.
    Please get the second opinion. These things are better when spotted early. sometimes its get corrected with the use of glasses. Dr. Arun Samprathi is an excellent paediatric ophthalmologist. He sits in Samprathi Eye Hospital and Squint Centre. Which is behind grand Ashok hotel.
  • @Asha51 if you would like to go Ayurvedic way then you might like to try Sri Sri Ayurveda Panchakarma - netra jyoti ( kanakpura road center ) for treatment of kids eyes. My niece got treated there and my sister in law is happy with the treatment .
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