Home remedies for dry eyes and dry mouth

Hello fellows

I am 42 year old female , mum of 2 bubs. Recently I have been really troubled due to my dry eye attack and it will be so bad that I will have to keep washing my eyes and it will feel like sand in my eyes, I will have blurred vision.
This problem had occurred couple of time in recent past . I met an opthamologist and he prescribed some tear medicines.

Some how I feel that this problem is beyond that as i had acute dry mouth kind of condition along with and I keep drinking water but nothing helps.

Kindly suggest the home remedies to manage the situation,

Anticipating a long term solution.


  • @Sujk I am sharing some home tips as suggested by an ayurvedic doctor to m ange such situation for long term perspective . Your symptoms look like Sjogren syndrome . Which is a autoimmune disorder affecting the secretory glands in body( salivary/sweat/ glands in vagina etc) it may be independent or may be associated with other Autoimmune diseases like RA/SLE/ scleroderma.

    As its autoimmune it can also attack any tissue in body hence lifestyle changes needed to arrest inflammation..

    1. Avoid food which are processes/ refined/ artificial/ enriched, dairy and gluten also are trigger hence must be minimised. You might need to find out triggers for you.

    2.Stop caffeine/ carbonated drinks, fried food, stale/ left over, spicy and sour which causes increase pitta and vitiated rakta.

    3. Please include food which are light/ easily digestible, warm, with adequate good fat, having bitter/ astringent taste.

    4. Avoid stress and mental pressures. You can take up Yoga for this

    5. Sleeping and waking up on times. Its important to keep schedule around this. Please remember our body recovers in the night hours. One day sleep lost can never be achieved. Putting a schedule around helps body to recover properly.

    6. Ayurveda medicine point of view- drugs to improve digestion n removing aama/ toxic accumulation like dry ginger/ pepper/ garlic.

    7. YOu can meet any local Ayurvedic practitioner and explain your problem . they might prescribe you the Rasayana to improve immunity and reverse cell damage.
    Local treatment like akshi tarpan( using medicated oil/ ghee / decoction on eye), eye drops.

    8.Nasya to remove toxins from head and improve circulation n nourish eye ear mouth.

    9.Oil pulling to avoid dryness/ infection of oral cavity.

    Hope all these points can make a lifestyle change and improve your condition.
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