Best hospital/doctor for liver cirrhosis treatment in bangalore

My wife is suffering from liver cirrhosis, and gall bladder stone. cirrhosis is in its initial stage. I would like to know

1.What is the cost of liver transplant and at what stage of liver cirrhosis, the transplant is recommended?
2. Is stem cell therapy possible?
3.Who is the best doctor to contact for both liver cirrohsis and gall bladder stone in Bangalore

Please share your experience and suggest the best doctor/hospital in Bangalore for treatment.


  • @krishnakant Someone in my social circle had gone through the gall stone operation Bangalore sharing her recommendation below

    I had gall stones and 2 yrs back I got it operated at Nova surgery in koramangala.This operation costed me around 40,000 rs. I consulted Dr. Nanda Rajneesh at Nova. She is a very experienced surgeon. You can consult her for your wife.
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  • Hi my dad need to transplant lever. He is suffering lever cirrhosis. Plz suggest me the best doctor in banglore & how much it cost??
  • What is the success rate of liver transplant in your hospital? Pl.also mention the average cost of transplantation. Thanks
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