Best doctor for kid asthma in Bangalore

We have shifted to Bangalore last year and My daughter had few episodes of allergic cough and her pediatrician then told that she has Asthma and prescribed her puffs . I was not very happy with this then I found this doctor Dr. Somashekar S- Pediatric Pulmonologist, Gayatri Nagar - one of the best pediatrician. This doctor trusted my instinct, & now my daughter is absolutely fine. All it required was a course of medicine for 3 months & minor diet alteration. And I was happy that it wasn't asthma, just allergic cough. I am sharing his details here as he consults every evening from 6-10 in Athmeya Polyclinic, Contact No - 080-23128312, 9008241312. MS Ramaiah Hospital OPD only on Thursdays from from 10 AM to 4 PM


  • Thanks Fabpoonia for sharing this . My 6 year old is too much prone to cold and cough during winter, sometimes accompanied by high degree viral fever. Last year, it worsened so much that we had to visit the doctor 5-6 times in a month. The usual medicines given by doctors are Sinarest/Ambrolite etc. It alleviates, but not getting ridden off the problem completely. He has not been given Influenza vaccine. Not sure if the shot of this medicine can help. I would like to visit this doctor and see what can be done.
  • Yes Razia at least this doctor will identify the root cause and will act accordingly. Best of luck. It is better to find out for allergies which can be both environmental and food and also work on the immunity.
  • Good point i will surely work on both. Specially on the immunity part
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  • Hi all

    Please recommend the best medication ,doctor available in Bangalore for kid's Asthma treatment based on your personal experience and what should be the preference Ayurveda or ,Allopathy,Naturopathy , Yoga anyone taking any of these lines of treatment for any period please share if you have observed any improvements.
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