Looking for good eye doctor for small kid eye check up in Bangalore

Dear All,
I am looking to get a general eye checkup done for my 3 year old. Has anyone got one done? What all procedures/tests do they normally do for small kids? How long does the whole thing take? Is there a different department for children or the same as for adults?
Any good eye doctors you could recommend in and around Bannerghatta Road (preferably Apollo/Fortis/Nationwide hospitals)?
Anticipating replies. Thanks a lot!


  • General eye check up may not involve anything more than the usual test of reading. But if they feel that there is something more to it, then they will put eye drops to dilate the eye. This may take upto 1 hrs for the eye to dilate. Then check the eye. Later after few days when the effect of dilation is no more, again the eye reading test to determine the power will be done. But all this done only when, the doc's feel that the child may have power. It's good to get the eye check up done early and periodically.But I am sorry I dont know the good doctor in your area asked. Hope this information helps
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