Need good Gynac nearby Hadapsar.. and +_ 10 KM

Hello All,

I am currently 3 months pregnant and living in Bangalore.. I would be shifting to Pune soon, nearby Hadapsar area.

I am looking for good gynac who prefers NVD and gives enough time to patients. I read many reviews about cloudnine kalyaninagar, Dr Mini Salunkhe..please let me know whom can I consult.


  • Dear @somedayMomma there are some good threads going on on Pune gynecologist. I can read good reviews about Dr Mini Salunkhe please refer one of active community member ( @Deepesh) 's review on below link

    You can read many other reviews on different threads. Wish you a very healthy pregnancy and Normal delivery ahead.

    Please don't forget to post your pregnancy consultation reviews if you find a good doctor that helps a lot for other looking for same information. Best of Luck.
  • Thanks @Manisha, will check Mini Salunkhe.

    Currently I am staying in Bangalore Whitefield.... If any of your member looking for infertility specialist... Then please refer Mr basavraj D of Vishwas fertility clinic , he sits in cloud nine ORR as well, he is not less than God for us, I have taken treatment from him, and got positive results within 3 months, and I know many other people who are blessed with bundle of joy with his treatment. But he takes care till first 3 months only once you are positive... Then his work is over... He will ask you to visit any other gynac...

    After my 3 months... I am consulting Dr Namita Kapoor Sahgal from Columbia Asia, so far she is good... Works on appointment only... No waiting time... Answers all my questions.. would refer her.

    Manisha, can you see if there is any reviews on Noble hospital, sahyadri hospital...both in hadapsar... And cloud nine kalyaninagar.. it's opened very recently...don't know if they have all facilities.

    Waiting for your reply.
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    @somedayMomma hey thanks a lot for sharing your experience of Dr Basavraj D. I am sure this will help people.

    One of our community member @Query has delivered under Dr Bhavana Mangal in Columbia asia Khardi. I have quoted her experience below . She had not very good experience with Noble hospital . You can read more about this review on the link shared below.

    Also I will look for feedbacks of other asked hospitals.
    Query said:

    Hi All, I am extremely happy to share that I & my wife have blessed with Baby girl on 6th Nov. We consulted Dr. Bhavana Mangal and she is very very good doctor. Initially we consulted approx 5 months with Vaishali chavan(Noble hospital,hadapsar) but problem with her that she personally doesn't entertain properly and always her junior doctors entertain the patients. then some one suggested to consult doctor Bhavna and she always helped during the pregnancy period. she sits on columbia asia hospital, kharadi.

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  • Thanks a lot @Manisha for your help...and even starting this forum for common people. Highly appreciated.

    I will drop Noble hospital from my list right away.

    If you get any info on cloud nine Kalyaninagar, please let me know. If anyone has delivered in cloud nine Pune, would like to know more about rooms, food and services.

    Thanks much.
  • @somedayMomma When you come to Pune then you try two three doctor and then you can finalize . I agree with couple of doctors which people have shared above.
    I can tell you few more based on my acquaintance in your area .
    Best of luck dear..

    Dr. Supriya Puranik is a very experience doctor She sits in Sahyadri hospital. I know few people who have delivered under her care. They were happy with the hospital also.

    Dr Bahar khan and Dr Juhi bajaj are among the good Gynecologist at Noble hospital. Dr Mini salunkhe used to visit noble and is very good but now she practices at columbia asia hospital.

    hope this infomation helps.

    @Manisha very good platform
    I came here for some information and end up reading so many posts.
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  • @Ray connecting you with @somedayMomma I think you people are in same area and I am sure you will be able to exchange more information.
  • @Currie thanks much dear for this detailed information.

    I am coming to Pune on 13 April. Hope to find and finalize doc soon.

    @Manisha thanks for all your efforts. Much appreciated.
  • @Manisha

    I need one more favor from you!!

    have you heard anything about Dr Madhuri Burhande Laha? she visits Columbia Asia Kharadi, Please let me know if you have any input about her!!
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  • @Manisha ..

    Thanks for this forum.
    I have finalized Dr Madhuri Laha from Columbia Asia and so far I am satisfied with her. I did visit Asha Gawade as well, but found madhuri better!

    Both the doctor are very friendly and co operative, both shared me their numbers on first visit itself and asked to contact in case of emergency.Both gave me ample time for consultation and cleared my all doubts.

    However Asha Gawade will perform delivery in inamdar hospital which is big no no for me. So I choose Columbia !!
  • @Currie Thank you so much for sharing your reviews and encouraging words for this forum. This forum is only helpful because people like you and people like @somedaymomma and @Ray who are ready to share their experience which is worth to make a informed decision. Thank you so much.
  • @somedayMomma Thank you so much for sharing your experience with both the doctors . Dr Madhuri and Dr Asha. I also feel that good hospital is must in making the decision for baby delivery. The hospital should be equipped to handle any emergency situations for baby and mother.

    Best of Luck and keep sharing your experience and help others. So good to have you in our medlly family forum. :smile:
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  • @Manisha it is needed a good platform , keep up the work girl.

    @somedayMomma one of my colleague delivered a baby girl at Columbia Asia and her doctor was Dr Madhuri Lala. She says that It's a very good hospital in terms of mother and baby care, hygiene and hospitality. The Best part is that Doctor Madhuri prefers normal delivery and she will give you an honest suggestion. She is open to give phone number for queries . All and all she sounded very positive about this doctor...
  • @Currie , thanks a lot dear for your feedback. I feel much confident now, I am currently running 30th week, and consulting Dr Madhuri Laha.

    I feel good now. Thanks much @Manisha for such platform. I feel so connected to you, @Currie , @Ray !! We do not know each other personally, but still connected as medlly family.
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