Home remedies for diabetes

Can anyone please suggest some home remedies to maintain the diabetes.


  • Diabetes is more of a lifestyle problem then a disease. Now a days we keep sitting in chair and have junk food and cold drinks and no exercise at all. So focus on Improving healthy style changes and live a active life style and diabetes will be controlled automatically.

    I will suggest three simple steps.

    1. Walk your way out : Everyday 45 mins to 60 mins walk. One important thing is that normally people do is they walk once in 24 hrs and after that they are mostly inactive or sitting in chair. Please make sure that your remain active through the day.

    2. Drink out the diabetes : Enough water in the system can make lot of improvements. Start your day with warm water at least three to four glasses ( sip the water ) . Through out the day keep the water bottle handy and and keep sipping the normal water. If you are ok with bitter gourd juice you can have it helps it. Also the Amala juice with honey i the morning will be good. Watch out your tea coffee intake.

    3. Eat wisely :Stay away from processed food and choose complex carbs and eat at every two hours.

    Hope you can follow all of the above to a healthy future! Best of Luck :smile:

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