Paediatrician in sector 62 noida

I live in sector 62 of Noida. We have very few choices of Pediatrician here. I like Dr. Shalini Tyagi. She sits in TOT Mall market. Seems she is very famous doctor so there is always a huge rush at her clinic. Still she manages to give ample time to each patient. What I really like about this doctor is that she will not advise any medicine until required. As being the new Parents we visited a lot to her clinic but she rarely advised any medicine. Rather she used to discuss our issues in length and used to counsel us to tackle the issue.
I would definitely recommend her for any advice for your new born. However I do not prefer her clinic for vaccination because of:
1-Huge waiting time.
2-I prefer hospitals for vaccination over private doctor clinics. Because vaccines can be properly refrigerated in hospitals irrespective of major power cuts.


  • I agree with the doubtful quality of vaccines at private clinics. Though I have no real data to support this hypothesis but with erratic power supply in Noida, I doubt if the vaccines will remain at the desired low temperatures in storage. May be during the day the clinic is taking some measures to maintain the temp but what about if the there is no electricity for couple of hours in the night.
    It's better to get the vaccination done in hospitals.
  • @Manisha Thanks for sharing your experience. I am new in sector 62 Noida and I was looking for a good Pediatrician. I came across this review of yours. I decided to meet her for my 2 year old baby.
    So thought of sharing my experience with others. She is an excellent doctor.
    She gave ample time to my baby and reviewed all our past reports. Prepared her own summary. I totally recommend Dr. Shalini Tyagi to everyone.
  • @Manish : Agree with the vaccination part..... i generally go to Apollo Hospital in Noida for Vaccinations & checkup as well for my baby.
    Dr. Sudha Saini at apollo is the pediatrician we prefer as she is very knowledgable & takes up lot of time to explain the treatment plan & what else to expect..... very Positive experience.....
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  • Dr shalini Tyagi surely need a psychological con-selling for herself to deal with parents ,she is pediatric and queries about the child development from parents are obvious and certain .It is her sole responsibility that whatever be the doubt any parent has about his/her child health (If she knows),she should clarify the same without getting irritated.

    I really don't know but last 3-4 experience to her clinic in sector 62 was really a very unfortunate experience .She may be a good doctor but the way she is handling the queries were not professional .Her behavior shows arrogance and immature attitude .

    Because of the non availability of any so called marketed doctor in that locality and due to the high number of child living in sector 62 area she is enjoying her earning with her arrogant attitude.
    But surely she is going to face a high churn rate in her medical services because of her immature and impatient behaviour in coming years.
    While attending patients she is more interested in introducing the ways of earning money instead of solving the queries od the parents.
    very often She got irritated and if any silly query related to child health is raised to her ,she pretend as if parents have committed some crime to ask her that and her reply to this was why are you asking me it is readily available in internet you can go and see.
    I don't understand one thing If somebody is giving her fees to clarify the queries about the well being of his/her child then why they should go and see the details in internet .
    Simply a bad attitude doctor {may almighty bless her and give her some brain to understand that if parents knows everything about child development then she will not be needed at all.
  • Dear manisha
    donot unnecessary praise Dr shalini tyagi
    she should first learn to talk with parents .her behaviour is really professional
  • My experience till date with her is good.
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  • It's really sad to know about this incident
  • Dear manisha
    just to help you she may be a good doctor but the way she treat parents when they have some queries is really awful and shows her immaturity being in this profession for such a long duration .
    she definitely need a quick con selling
  • in Medical services the patience of doctor is really important .this is one thing which matter the most ,if parents knows everything and can acquire knowledge through internet then her services were not needed
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