Weight loss after pregnancy

This is my question to all the new moms in bangalore. Pl share what has worked for you in terms of loosing weight after the pregnancy. Would be great if you can share what all you tried and what worked best in your opinion. I'm expecting my delivery in October and would like to know what I should be doing post delivery to loose on the extra weight.


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    Dear @Harini

    First of all congratulations on being pregnant , its beautiful journey please enjoy to the fullest and do not think about the weight loss now :)

    However as you have asked I will share my own journey of weight gain and weight loss.

    Weight Gain :smile:

    I have gained the total of whopping 23 kg during my pregnancy as it was my first pregnancy I used to eat a lot and I was gaining a lot my gynecologist used to test me frequently for gestational diabetes to understand my weight gain but luckily I never had any gestational diabetes.
    But still I was gaining then I took the second opinion and met another wonderful gynecologist and she took a lot of time in understanding my eating habits and then she told me that I was eating unnecessarily carbs and fats , She told me healthy ways of satisfying my hunger with lots of protein and veges. After meeting her my wight gain got in control. However by the end of my full pregnancy , I had 23 kgs extra.
    So Bottom line is : Eat healthy food and it doesn't mean that you have to starve.

    Weight Loss :smile:

    So I will start with that by the time my kid was 9 month old I was able to shed all that extra weight. I will directly tell what are the things that worked for me.

    1. BF : I exclusively bf my baby till 6 month old. And i weaned off my baby when he was 2 year old. BF not only is good for your baby nutrition wise it is good for mom also as it helps burn the extra calorie as high as 500cal so it helps you to loose weight fast.

    2. Food: I used to have Skim milk 3 cups - 3 times, 2 serving of vegetable salads , for Lunch/ Dinner 3 roti + 2 Bowls daal + 1 Bowl Vegetable + 1 Bowl Curd. for breakfast ( Upma/ Poha/ Macroni + 2 eggs). this is rough diet . I included lots of Paneer , soya chunks , and eggs in diet.

    3. Exercise and Physical activity : There is no alternate for this. I used to do all the baby work at my own ( believe me, baby gives a lot of work ). Second 30 mins of walk , I used to take baby along with me in the pram so walk for both :) . As I had c- sec delivery so no heavy work out . only 15 mins of Yoga.

    All above 3 thing reasons helped me to get back to my old self and in my old jeans in 9 months . Best of luck
  • @Manisha Thanks for sharing all your routine with me. However I am not able to loose much of wait :(. I was feeding baby but now my baby is more on formula. I had gained some 15 kg and have lost 4 kg only till now. Can you please tell me how can I loose further? My height is around 5 feet 3 inch and my weight is now 72 kg. I am weaning my baby very soon so would like to know how can loose my weight. Please suggest. As of now I am not doing any kind of work out.
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