Best doctor for fibroid removal surgery in Bangalore

I have fibroid in my uterus and doctors are suggesting a surgery as a resort. I am married for 2 years and soon we are going to plan for baby . Doctor told me that my fertility is low due to the fibroid and removing it can help but when i asked what if my uterus gets damaged in the surgery then doctor told that this is a safe surgery and very low chances of damage.

Now I am totally worried what to do. take a chance or not. Please if anyone has this kind of situation please share your experience and suggest me a good doctor who is expert for this kind of cases as I would like to have second opinion.


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    @Simg First of all do not think too much . You are are right go get a second opinion. As I can tell you one of my cousin had an intra uterine fibroid. She did not go for the surgery she was aware of the risks involved . She conceived naturally.
    She took all precautions in terms of eating healthy and keeping herself fit . She finally had a normal delivery little early then the delivery date and fibroid also passed out during delivery only. So do not worry and take second opinion.
  • All fibroids are not damaging in nature and don't have to be compulsorily surgically removed. They will just be there without causing any harm. Go for a second opinion. This is not my opinion but something which a very experienced general physician told. If it is not dangerous you can go for alternative treatments like homeopathy or Ayurveda. People say its completely curable with homeo. Provided it has not reached severe complication. So the good diagnosis is required

    for my sister's case surgery was needed. We consulted and got operated by Dr Prakash Kini at Cloud nine. What is your location ? He consults in Malleshwaram on Tuesdays and in Jaynagar on others. Dr Prakash is expert so we recommend him.

  • Lucky you know you have fibroids and if they are needed to be removed then please get it done as in my case we discovered after conceiving the baby . And it is very risky both for baby and mother so finally one year after my delivery we got them removed while laparoscopic surgery at Columbia Asia Hebbal under Dr Vijaya Sherbat n Dr Shifalika. It's was smooth surgery and was back home next day. You can visit both the doctor and have another opinion depends on your location.

    Best of luck.
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