Suggest the best endocrinologist in bangalore for thyroid problem

Does anyone know a good endocrinologist in Bangalore, who is actually interested in listening to thyroid patients and their problems? I have consulted couple of doctors for thyroid issue before. Unfortunately most of them were ready with the only answer 'its very common nowadays. I am looking for is a permanent solution.

Please let me know alternative treatments homeopathy or Ayurvedic or home remedies.


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    You can try Dr Shivaprasad in whitefield. Other good doctor I have heard about is Dr. Vageesh Aiyyar in St. Johns, Koramangala and clinic - Indiranagar

    A combination of the right dosage of Thyronorm, yoga, food restrictions ( no cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, soya), leaving a gap between medication and breakfast. All these helped me a great deal to bring the TSH levels under control. It is important to get the right dosage according to your age, weight and levels of TSH. Hope this helps. Exercise helps. Regular check-ups are important as the body/system reacts to surroundings - for instance, Bangalore being a cooler climate needs a higher dosage of Thyronorm compared to Chennai or Goa, for instance. Reduction in dosage advised during summers.

    Best of luck for your treatment.
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