Best Gynecologist in chennai in sundaram foundations

Hi this is Thangaraj am looking for Best Gynecologist in chennai
Where I heard sundaram foundations is one of best any idea which doctor is best in that any other best Gynecologist around Anna Nagar perambur purasiwalkam since am reasding at madhavaram


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    My cousin delivered her first child in Sundaram Medical foundation normally. Her doctor was Dr Lakshmi dhandapani. She liked her doctor a lot as she supported her for normal delivery. Nurses there are more like government hospital lack warmness. You can try this doctor.

    I have heard that 0ther good gynecologist at SMF is Dr Sivagama Sundari and Dr Latha
  • @sugna how much it costed baby delivery for your cousin?
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  • I recommend Dr. Shantha in SMF. I delivered my kid in smf and she was my gynecologist and she is the best. They give you minimal medication try their level best for normal delivery. Infact I begged them to do c-section as the pain was unbearable but she refused to do so which may not be the case with other hospitals. and it costed me around 30,000 in 2015.
  • Hi,

    How early should we book appointment with Dr. Shantha, to deliver baby. I am 13 weeks pregnant I called them, they said they will check and let me know
  • Hi,

    I am looking for recommendations of good ivf/iui treatment doctors near magarpatta. Chennai . My age is 34 with normal periods but I have been unable to conceive due to painful intercourse. My husband has normal reports too but we now want to go through this route. any advice will be useful
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  • Dr.v.k. shantha is fraud, the hospital is filled with 100s of pregnancy cases, where 90% are consulted by Dr. Shantha. Also everyone prefer only Dr. shantha and everyone thinks that Dr. Shantha going to handle during the time of their delivery. But actual fact is, she won't even come to the building where delivery happens. At last, delivery was did by PG doctors. This was happened for me.
  • Dr.v.k. shantha is fraud, she was consulting my wife. SMf just created a fake name like, Shantha is good doctor, she only will handle during pregnancy. but she won't even come to the building where delivery happens(labour ward). At the end PG or trainee doctors delivered my baby. the same thing happend for many others as well.

    Also few days ago, when I was just standing in the hospital corridor, a guy told me the same thing is that "Dr. Shantha is our consulting doctor, I m standing here from last night but she didn't come here at all."

    As i said before fraud Dr.V.K shantha showed her face at last when my wife was getting discarged from SMF graveyard.
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