A Cherished Experience

Every woman would agree with me that first time pregnancy is an overwhelming experience. Initially your happiness knows no bounds. Then when reality strikes you are anxious to no end. How things will go? Will everything be smooth? All sorts of questions creep in your head. Though there are elders, friends and family to take your best care. But, I believe that this is when you need the assistance of an expert the most.

Somehow experts have a way to calm us down and make us understand everything. So, my understanding came from genecology experts at Cloudnine hospital in Bengaluru. The doctor made me realise I was worrying too much; instead I should focus on enjoying the feeling of becoming a mother.

I visited the gynaecologist every month and she would perform ultrasound to ascertain the baby’s position is correct in the womb, he/she is developing correctly and there is no complication in pregnancy. After nine months of being under the observation of dedicated and hardworking medical processionals I gave birth to my little boy wonder via normal delivery.

I am extremely happy and thankful to Cloudnine Bengaluru, you guys were really terrific to say the least.


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