Best Gynecologist in Pune for pregnancy consultation and delivery



  • Hi, I had a twin babies and did C section for the same in KEM Hospital under care of Dr. Suhas Otiv. I am happy to share that I spent 62000/- good AC room good service. Babies additional 12000/- for 4 days, one required photo therapy for jaundice. I too read some links about dr Otiv in SakalTimes regarding patient death, and I inquired more before going to KEM. My family Dr who consults him too for his family members, assured me that he is well known for his competence and is very soft spoken and nice dr. it was a false case, and recent judgement in higher court has declared him not guilty, in fact the judgement says that earlier judgement was a grave error. . Judgement is available and in public domain on court website. KEM Is excellent for critical issues.
  • Can anybody share there experience with Dr Bina Kamath in Birla. Thanks
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  • I came back from Melbourne, Australia after 28 weeks of pregnancy and met almost all big obstetricians in Pune.

    Then finally I went to Dr Asha Gokhle of DM Hospital. She answered all my queries patiently in every visit.

    I had normal delivery in Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital. As per my experience, I would say Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital is good for normal delivery. During the labour, I was insisting them to do C-section, however they followed their process and still went ahead with Normal Delivery. I would recommend Dr Asha Gokhle madam to anyone, especially those who want all their questions answered.
  • My wife is almost 3 months pregnant.
    How is Dr. V M Joshi or Dr. Suhas Otiv from K E M in comparison with Dr. Bharati Dhorepatil?
    I found that Dr. Bharati is a bit reluctant in answering your queries and most of the time her assistants deal with the patients
    Is it wise to change the Gynaecologist?
    Please suggest
  • @Vishal
    Dr Otiv has some good reviews here, you can search for him and go through the reviews, and in case of any queries ask the patients directly.
    Also, since pregnancy is atleast a 9 month old committment..I feel that you can change gyne since only 3 months have passed in your case. Ultimately you and your wife should be comfortable with the Gyne since at the delivery time you will be relying 100% on her.
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  • I'm @ the end of my 1st trimester and have been consulting with Dr. Mini Salunkhe from the beginning. She is okay but every time I visit her, she seems to be always in a hurry and does not spend much time. Also, as it's our first baby, sometimes I have some queries related to some symptoms or discomfort that I feel so, in that case instead of traveling to her clinic I prefer to call her and ask my queries but most of the time I get to talk to her only after 1/2 days of trying and calling and never get a relaxed or proper answer from her. It makes me feel like she is least bothered about the patients. I'm little worried…this should not continue as if any emergency comes in future or during my delivery. I want to give the best comfort and care to me and my baby from every possible way at this stage. I'm not very sure whether to continue with Dr. Mini Salunkhe or I should switch. I guess you guys understand my situatio n. Would anyone please suggest me the best Doctor in Pune or near Magarpatta area? It will be of great help. TIA.
  • @Deepesh Since you have a experience with Dr Salunkhe can you pl advise @Ashth

  • @shakti I want some favour from you. I gone through 3 HSG test. In first test found that my both fallopian tubes are block. After some treatment in 2nd HSG Right tube was open. My dr. Suggest me to wait till the left tube get open. Then in 3rd HSG again found that my both tubes are block. Please suggest me the right dr. Who can treat me in correct way. Please me help me...
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  • Hi i wanted to know what r the charges for normal n c section delivery at kem... I visted Dr suhas otiv today so wanted to know bout the charges
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    Manisha said:

    @Deepesh Since you have a experience with Dr Salunkhe can you pl advise @Ashth

    I have not heard anything from anybody yet ... It will be nice to see some comments that can be helpful to others as well.. Thanks!
  • Posting on behalf of @madhavi

    C section at KEM, when uncomplicated, discharged after 3 days. Bill for usual C section without extra day / care will range from 30 K to 60 K. Depends semi private -private Non AC- private AC _ luxury. Dr Otiv told me to go and see labour room and rooms. AC Private is good upto 55. Dr. Otiv is the best dr at KEM Gynec. Gives time. Hope this helps

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  • Dear All , Which is the best Doctor for normal delivery in Pune area , please suggest based on your experience.
  • Dr. Otiv SR at kem hospital is the best dr I found after seeing many senior drs in city. Punctual, gives time, scientific, sincere, very competent for complex cases. KEM is equipped well in any unforeseen emergency too, having rates better than most other elite hospitals, goo paediatric back up also. Highly recommended. A good clinic with a good Ultrasound facility and blood samples too can be collected and sent from here based on patients convenience and desire, with very reasonable charges. Clinic close to kem hospital- Mittal court, opposite Mahesh Lunch Home, near hotel Shantai. I was happy for my both deliveries.

  • Hi this is 1st pregnancy & i am consulting vandana khanijo. Everything was fine from starting even i talked her directly for normal delivery & she told me also that we also prefer ND in 1st baby but at the end she panicked everyone in my family with disappointed words.Can i change my doctor at this stage as i crossed my due date also, which doctor will help me with normal delivery, i have a healthy pregnancy. please suggest
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  • @Dhriti can understand your situation because changing doctor at this stage can be challenging as your doctor knows all your history but as you had the healthy pregnancy you should have all the rights to have Normal delivery. I will suggest this to discuss this with your gynecologist for Normal delivery and understand what is the risk that she is saying .

    Please go through the entire discussion , there many good doctor people have mentioned based on your location and hospital preference, i would suggest you to go immediately with all your reports and get the second opinion .

    Best of luck.
  • I too am consulting Dr. Vandana Khanijo. SHe helped my friend deliver through ND last year.
    But I find her too rude and busy.
    Looking to change.
    I am 15 weeks pregnant.
  • Dr smita is amazing.I consulted to her for 8 months. I was delivered through C section but i dnt had any option water broke and i was not getting pains even after pain injections also and even after c section was discharged just after 2 days and in 9 days my stiches dried and i a fit and fine to walk and do all my work.
    She is very polite and gives you whole time in the world to clear your doudts.In labour room you have only your Dr with you and she gives personal attention to everything and she cares for you like you sister/friend whatever you say. i am really big fan of her now. she executed my C section in perfect manner i dnt feel any pain ever not before not after.i was amazed when i got discharge just after 2 days of my ceaser.
    I even consulted Dr Archana kankal but i found she dnt give much time to will recommend Dr smita[@sahyadri hosp,nagar road,pune] to everyone just go and meet her once. i guarentee you wont ever regret.All the best :)
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  • Looking for best hospital in Pune? Poona hospital is a leading super speciality hospital providing world-class treatment and health care services in India related to heart, kidney, joints, critical care and more.For more details please visit @
  • @Deepesh @Query @Sulekha @Shakti @Manisha @Suresh @Say @leena @manvi @pimplesaudagar

    Hii My baby is 2 months old not taking breastfeed from starting and now my milk supply is getting low day by day Can anyone suggest Doctor who can help me to come out from depression Baby is not taking feed and I Am getting depressed.Please help.I live in pimple saudagar

  • @Yashree it is just the starting do not leave the hope .The simple thing about the BF is more you latch the baby more the milk will come. and the baby is very small. every baby has their own power . Normally low weight baby take some time for a proper latch. You are on right track . Keep latching the baby. And dear please be happy. When we are happy we give best performance :). take care

    Also consult a good expert there. Requesting others to suggest you a good expert in that area.
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  • I am blessed with little girl wih Dr Mangala Wani.She is highly experienced lady gynaecologist,very caring.Most important she is very professional and good bedside manners.
    Being Lactation Consultant as well,she assists for successful breastfeeding.I strongly reccomend to her.
    She has recently started delievering her patients in cloud 9 maternity hospital.
    Her Clinic is at Model Colony.
  • Try Clove Dental , They are quite good and I've done few procedures with them. Rates are reasonable and Core team members are Ex-Army. Google it and you will get to know more about it. It's a nice initiative.
  • Sorry last post was posted by mistake on this thread.....
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