Need knee replacement review in Manipal hospital Bangalore

Hi everyone,

One of my Aunt , who is 62 years old has been advised for knee surgery at her home town . Now we are looking for good hospital for knee replacement surgery for in Bangalore. We have heard that Manipal hospital in Bangalore is good for Knee replacement . So we need information who is the best doctor there for Knee replacement surgery ? How is Dr Chakarvarthy ? Does he do the operation by himself? What is the total cost of total knee replacement at Manipal , Bangalore ? How many days a person has to be there for the surgery ? Do they provide the physiotherapist after surgery and how long the physiotherapy session will continue I have so many questions. Please please help If any one has any experience there then Please share.

As my Aunt will need to travel to Bangalore for the procedure so we need to know that how much time she has to be in Bangalore before the operation and how much after the operation.

Sorry for the long query for looking forward for a help on this.


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