My experience with Dr Praveena Shenoi Bangalore.

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From long time I wanted to write the review of my gynecologist. I am in in my fifth month of pregnancy and its all because of my doctor Praveena Shenoi. I had some complications however I conceived safely under her care. I am consulting her at her personal clinic . My experience with this doctor is excellent till now.


  • We had our first baby delivered by Dr Praveena Shenoi. As it was our first child we were very apprehensive and my wife wanted to undergo a C-Sec though there was no complication. However, Dr Praveena insisted that we should go for normal delivery as it is good for both baby and mother. She also made us feel comfortable about it and answered all our questions very patiently. I would highly recommend her.
  • Hi, do you have Dr. Praveena Shenoi's clinic phone number? We have just moved from Delhi here and have been on a lookout for a good gynae. Iam in my 4th month of twin pregnancy. I have read good reviews about Dr. Shenoi over the net. But finding it very difficult to get an appointment at cloud 9.
  • @hema:
    Dr Praveena Shenoi has stopped seeing patients at her clinic and now she is only available at Cloud 9. Getting her appointment at cloud 9 is difficult and the waiting time can be as long as few months.
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    It was a nice experince on getting the experienced treatment from Praveena Shenoi. The Doctor with lots of experience and the ability to take timely urgent decision with so much ease that made myself and my wife more safe at the delivery time. I would recommend Praveena Shenoi for safe and happy delivery.

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    Dr Praveena shenoy is good. no doubt. but at last moment she hands over u'r delivery to any other doctor because she keeps very busy. also getting an appointment with her is very difficult. once in two months she gives the appointment. so for the pregnant ladies who are working and cant take leave just anytime can find it difficult.also if u'r case is sensitive then going to her is not advisable.

    I visited Dr. Geetha Komar because i wanted to see the doctor only on weekends. i was that workoholic. i didn't take one extra leave from my office during my pregnancy. and went to office till the last week of my pregnancy. Dr Geetha always adjusted her timings with mine. and she was available between the hospital visits too.
  • i had a very BAD experience with dr praveena shenoy. she is very busy and has no time to listen properly and decide treatment carefully. i had ovarian cysts. i asked several times if those are malignant (cancerous), and what we can do to confirm it. she confidently said no these were benign (non cancerous). she could have cleared our doubt by some tests, or biopsy or by referring us to oncologist. we trusted her completely and she ruptured the cysts and removed laparoscopically. later the biopsy report came as malignant ovary. now since the cysts were ruptured all the cancer cells escaped throughout body and contaminated whole abdomen and body with cancer cells which upstaged cancer's stage from stage I to III.
    she is highly impatient and she should have cleared our doubt by refering to oncologist but may be she didnt want to lose patient. please be careful. being busy is not an excuse for not addressing issue, making correct decision. no treatment should be done based on assumption. it has to be decided based on proof. I dont know how much i will live now, i have a small child. if the cancer was stage I my survival would have been 95%. now its stage III, so i, my child and my whole family have to suffer because of her negligence. about the good reviews of her, we dont know if those are written by real patients or her own hospital people for business. nowdays doctors have no ethics, its all business, making targets. my friends are asking me to sue her for putting my life in danger.
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  • @svm‌
    It's really alarming and sad to know about your experience. Hope you recover and overcome your condition.
    As for the good reviews here, these have been written by people who have had positive experience. I think she is famous because of people who have had good experiences with her. But even a good/famous doctor cannot have a 100% success record.
    Having said that, I agree that famous doctors generally devote less time per patient and are always too busy. Most of the time their team does the actual procedure.

  • I also had bad experience with Dr.Shenoy......she was very good....and during my pregnancy I had no issues with her.....but she never answered calls or text..... Thankfully I had no problems during pregnancy.....but just few days before my delivery she went for vacation....I kept on asking her would you be there to do my delivery,she said yes but last moment she went for vacation.....when I was admitted in hospital...I had no clue who would do my c should inform the patient....
  • Praveena Shenoy is the worst doctor ever! She ruined my pregnancy and even before that she has always misled me sisnce I started seeing her and I used to trust and believe in her a lot. First of all she adviced me to have a surgery to remove fibroids even before I has started trying to concieve. I did not know anything about fibroids then and truested her completely. Later came to know that surgery was unnecessary as lot of woman conceive with fibroids and have healthy pregnancies. Anyways after that I had a miscarriage and I went to her in Manipal. After 3 years of trying I had conceived again and it was a very precious pregnancy for me and she always told me it was high risk but never gave me more than a minute and never did all the required tests or advice treatment under any unforseen situation. In 21st week of pregnancy I had pains and I tried calling her constantly but she was on a vacation! No responsibility to reply or leave a back up doc. In cloud nine only a duty doc came to see me only to say I had no problem and pain was growing pain. Next day pain got intense and went back and I was made to deliver preterm and lost my baby! I blame Praveena Shenoy completely for this! People who have positive experience r lucky because they have had no complications cause this doc cannot handle complications or is not willing to...she is highly irresponsible . I had been her patient for 5 years so I had high regards of her but I have been a victim of her. I will highly recommend people to go to not to famous docs who can give you time and not ruin your life!
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