Some good Physician in Hyderabad

Here are some of the best physician in Hyderabad. I have consulted with my friends. And here are my friends review about them.

Dr Papa Rao Nadakuduru at ICON Hospital KPHB Colony : A very good doctor. I am consulted him since last 5 years. Very satisfactory treatment, patiently handles his patient, soft spoken. Follow ups was continued with the same doctor. Happy with his treatment.

Dr Vasundhara. G at Himgiri Hospital Gachibowli : The doctor was excellent as her way of communication was very good and she treated very well as there is a lot of improvement in my Health after her consultation. She gave enough time to me while consulting , understood my issue and clarify all of them.Had a great consultation.

Dr. Ramana Rao N V at Lingampally : Dr. Raman is a thorough professional. He is Spectacular in term of identifying the problem. He gave enough time to his patient. One patient come out after spending minimum of half an hour with him. He leaves no room for doubts and does root cause analysis the condition.


  • Hi friends,
    Sharing some more Physician in Hyderabad. My friends recommend them strongly. And here are reviews of them

    Dr. Ramana Rao N V in Lingampally :- The doctor is very friendly and professional. He ensures that the patient is comfortable, takes time to explain and is willing to listen and advice. We were glad to see that it was much more about patient care than pure financials. In fact the doctor advised us to switch to a doctor close by which is very highly appreciated by someone like us who visits doctors very often. I would recommend him.

    Dr. Chetan Raj in Narayanguda :- My visit with the doctor was a great visit. I was very much satisfied with the way the doctor had taken my case and spent time with me. He is a professional in the trust sense of the word. He's always accessible and follows up with the patient, which is very rare considering the scores of patients docs deal with everyday. He was really very much patient in answering all my doubts and explaining me the mode of treatment. He has got vast subject knowledge as well.

    Dr. Dilip Nandamuri in Manikonda :- I felt Dr. Dilip Nandamuri is well experienced and good in diagnosis. His prescription and advice was as expected from a good doctor. He also cheers you up during the few minutes you are there for the visit. The friendly chat you would have makes you feel lot better after the consultation. He keeps things very simple and makes you feel comfortable. One of the best doctors I have seen in the city.

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