Best gynaecologist/hospital for consultation and delivery in Delhi

Please suggest in delhi


  • Dr. Chitra Agrawal is a very experienced gynecologist based out of East Delhi. My sister's delivery was performed by her. You can take appointment on - 9818814788. She has her own delivery / nursing home in East Delhi.
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  • Dr. Alka Gujral is very patient and with soft hands and patient ears for listening. I have taken my consultation with her and am very happy with her.

    Dr. Sheela Mehra. Another great Doc I know. She is very senior and good one

    They both sit in moolchand hospital.
    You must look for doc / hospital near your place. So plz specify and then on can suggest better.
  • @amangla86

    Hi - You can visit doc anshu arora in west delhi.I consulted her throughout my pregnancy and delivered under her as well. She has her own nursing home - Sai Nursing home. Amazing doc..very patient listener and will answer all your queries in detail. She and her mom in law both are gynac. you can visit them..take appointment on any of these numbers before going

    011- 25551718/1818
    all the best :)

    priyanka khatter
  • @amangla86 @prasad @Khatter Priyanka If any of you know a good gynecologist at Max saket then please suggest , I am looking for gynecologist who is expert in handling in critical cases. Please help soon. Looking this information on urgent basis.
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    I recommend Dr. Jyotsna Gupta in Paschim Vihar. She is very simple and always good advise.

  • My sister in law was pregnant.This was in her second baby.she was under the treatment of Dr. Monika Kansal. she is a very good lady. she treats her like a family member. we were very much satisfied with the Dr. because my sister's first baby was also born by her normally. Everything was going fine. But at the end of 7th month Dr. said we will have to do operation we can not delivered baby normally because baby is too heavy. Baby was around 4 Kg in weight. we were afraid. This procedure going till the time of delivered. Even from Operation theater Dr. came out again and again and tell we have to do operation we said ok do it. but at the end she delivered baby normally without any operation. we were very happy with the doctor.
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    I would recommend any gynecologist from Sitaram Bhartia hospital as they all believe in normal delivery and they as a unit collectively achieve high normal delivery rate of 88% in 2016 which is perhaps the highest in Delhi-NCR.
  • Dr. Suman Mehla is a obstetrician-gynaecologist & infertility specialist and laproscopic surgeon with over 13 years experience in quality obstetrics and gynecology.

    She provides the following services Pregnancy Assessment

    Pre- Pregnancy Assessment
    Normal & High Risk Pregnancy
    Painless Labour (Epidural Service)
    Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy
    Cervical Cancer Vaccine
    General Health Check
    (Obesity, Anaemia, Diabetes,)
    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
    Treatment of Urinary Incontinence
    One Stop Menorrhagia Clinic
    Pap Smear
    Pelvic Ultrasound
    Adolescent Gynecology
    Genetic Counselling

  • Hi All

    I am looking for a good gynecologist in south delhi for pregnancy consultation.

    Please suggest a good gynecologist in Moolchand hospital Delhi . How is doctor Bandana sodhi or Dr Sadhana Kala ? Has anyone delivered in this hospital would like to know more about delivery experience here ? We are looking for good gynecologist in this hospital.

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