Suggest some alternative treatments for Cancer in India


My friends mom in her mid sixties has been diagnosed with the advance stage of ovary cancer . Doctor's have advised her Chemo and operation but another doctor told that even after Chemo there are only few months left to her. Please suggest some good alternative treatments. We know that Chemo gives a lot pain mentally and physically. So would like to know how are the other people ( patient as well as family members )coping with this kind situation.

Please suggest us the diet changes we can bring to keep her healthy . Also at the psychic level what can be done in such situation to keep up the morale of patient as well as family members.


  • We are also searching for possible alternative medicine for cancer? This for the lady who had cancer in 3rd stage which has relapsed ( last time we had Chemo and surgery both).Her Cancer antigen ( CA) biomarker test for ovarian cancer shows higher value and SHe has been advised to undergo the Chemo. But we are looking for some other possible alternative treatments available in and around Bangalore or any other place in India.
  • I can tell you from personal experience . Though that is not for Ovarian cancer its for prostate cancer. Sri Narsipura siddaiah Narayanamurty, A medicine man in Shimoga is highly recommended.Patient Has been taking the Kashayam for his psa levels are under control. Only underwent radiation, no chemo or surgery. Currently on tablets and Kashayam from. Narsipura.You might like to try.
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