Planning a baby with diabetes

Hello All,

I am 33 year old and my husband is 38 year old ( he has diabetic and takes insulin ). We are planning for a baby and my biggest worry is that my baby can have diabetes too, Pls share your experiences or knowledge. Let me know if i can do anything to prevent my baby being diabetic.

Thank you


  • Heyy I would like to tell you one thing that if you are planning for a baby then do not worry about anything . However keep your diet healthy and regular exercise regime. If you see the research datatype 1 diabetes then 10% chances if father has and if mother has and mother is over 25 years then 25 %. But please do not think all these . All these are just data be happy and focus on good diet plan , in fact one of my acquaintances is on the path of reversing his diabetes with the help of ayurveda and strict diet regime . His medicine has reduced a lot.

    Diabetes is also a lifestyle disease so please go tension free and plan the baby. I know a mother who's kids do not have inspite both the parents have. so don't worry.

  • Actually i was looking for a good diabetic friendly recipes . specially for the breakfast. If anyone know that please share.
  • Hi All ,
    My mother in law is in her early sixties. She is diabetic and takes medication for hypertension, cholesterol & diabetes. She is experiencing numbness of the fingers on and off for quite sometime now. are there in home remedies to cure this ?
    All help will be appreciated.
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  • @sana

    You can use foxtail millet in for breakfast. Its specifically good for diabetes. You can eat it with rasam/sambar like substitute for rice. Additionally you can make upma, idly, salad, dosa, kheer etc with it. It is cooked like 1 bowl of millet 2 bowls of water with 3 whistles in the cooker. It cooks faster than rice. We use it on a regular basis.

  • My son is 26 year old and he is class 1 diabetic Since the age of 4..he is in job and most of the time he comes very late in the evening & take his dinner at office.He goes around 8.30 and comes back at 12pm…he has no exercise,normal routine life is distributed …kindly suggest what can be done.
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