I am looking for a good gynecologist in Greater Noida for pregnancy care and delivery...

I am residing near by pari chowk greater noida and the last month is going on of my wife pregnancy. Treatment was going on in the under taken of Dr. Nidhi Goswami Kailash hospital greater Noida but Dr. Nidhi Goswami is not available now due to she has been shifted in foreign. Can you please provide the suggestion to choose any good doctor from Kailsah hospital (Dr. Neelam or Dr. Sanchita), Greater Noida, We have only 20-25 days max for expected delivery date ? Also, Provide your suggestion for any good Dr. in different hospital if services are excellent.

Your feedback help will be appreciated.


  • @om1984 You can read some reviews of Dr. Sanchit and Dr Neelam on the given below link. Both the doctors are good . YOu can read reviews in detail to understand better. Also you might like to ask any further questions if you have any on this link below as people there might reply.

    As very few days left for delivery so I suggest you to choose any doctor and meet and explain your case in detail asap ( you will also get to know your comfort level with the doctor and doctor will also know your case in advance . Due date can come any time so please go and meet new doctor as soon as possible. Has Doctor Nidhi suggested/referred to you any other doctor before shifting ?


    Hope you get a very good doctor soon. And wish you to have normal delivery and healthy baby soon :smile:
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