Suggest a genuine eye hospital in bangalore with good doctors

My friend visited for a regular eye checkup in Narayana Nethralaya and was found that she has Primary Angle Closure in both eyes, doctor has recommended her for Laser iridotomy,Doctor warned her that if it is not treated earlier it may lead to angle closure and end up in Glaucoma and permanent vision loss. So She went to another hospital and there doctors checked her and gave a report that there is no problem with her eyes . She then showed the reports of Narayana Nethralaya to them now this hospital is asking her to come again for recheck.

Now we are very unsure what to do , whom to trust as these days it is the 'norm' in many corporate hospitals to push surgeries with fake stories of complications and danger because they have "targets" in terms of number of surgeries per month/quarter similar to what sales people have.

So can someone really suggest a hospital which is not after money and will diagnose it right and will give the genuine advise.


  • After checking many hospitals, finally we have found St.Johns as a reliable place (so far) . Though the hospital doesn't possess a "corporate " look and the process of token, waiting, consultation is tedious, at the end, I felt all worth waiting for as the doctors there are well experienced and not money minded. If you can get an appointment with the HOD of the particular department you definitely will not regret going there. Go for a third opinion if possible St.Johns.
  • Pls visit samprathi eye clinic, at kumara park west, railway parallel road. Dr Arun is fantastic and gives accurate non biased opinion. I highly recommend him
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