Suggest the best dermatologist and eye doctor for eye patch problem in pune for small kid.

I am mother of 3.5 years old When my kid was around one year old we noticed the white patch in the kid's eyes. When We consulted doctor at that point of time they told that it's nothing just infection and it will go off eventually so nothing to worry. But from last few months it's started spreading. And we have consulted the dermatologist. Dermatologist is saying it's vitiligo and it's not curable. We are not able to accept this fact and now looking for second opinion on this . Can anyone suggest something. Tell Me a good eye doctor and dermatologist in pune for small kids for this problem.
Please pour in ur suggestions of doctors, remedies as per ur experience. Thanks in advance.


  • Please take another opinion. Make sure it is vitiligo. Unfortunately if so there is no cure at present in Allopathy to control or even accelerate. Maybe someone can help you with some homeopathic medicines. One of our friend's kid had this issue and they immediately consulted a homeopath. It has not gone fully but has reduced quite in size. It started exactly on the eyelid and spread across the eyelid on both eyes and they started treatment and it is not as evident. Sending you prayers. And Please find good homeopath and consult. You should also try home remedies. they are really powerful.
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