Suggest a good dermatologist or homeopath doctor for warts treatment.

Looking for a good dermatologist or a good homeopath doctor in Gurgaon for warts treatment based on personal experience.
is there any home remedy or any other alternative remedy for this then do suggest.


  • @Nagpal You can try Dr Vikas khera. Now a days there is good treatment available in homeopathy also for this condition. You can consult homeopath also.

    You can read more about some good dermatologist on the below link
  • as you ask for the good dermatologist so please tell me the location first. but as you didn't mention the location. I make a list of best skin specialist in India.
    1. Dr. Sachin sharad- Skin specialist in Jaipur
    2. Dr. N Aishwarya Reddy -Skin specialist in Hyderabad
    3. Dr. Nimesh D. Mehta -Skin specialist in Mumbai
    4. Dr. Laxman F Mavarkar - Skin specialist in Bangalore
    5. Dr. Nivedita Dadu - Skin Specialist in Delhi
  • A dermatologist is the skincare specialists who treat typical to incessant skin conditions which influence the general appearance and viewpoint of a person. Dermatologists are particular to perform skincare treatment and surgery. One can locate the best dermatologist in Delhi at Veya Aesthetics for all skin-related issues and treatment. The center is furnished with laser technologies and furthermore provides customized aesthetic treatments. Moderate to severe skin condition is treated under the supervision of top skin specialist in Delhi at Veya Esthetics. Dr Rajat Kandhari is the best dermatologist in Delhi for skin who is determined to safeguard the finesse of the face and give the natural outcome. For a brilliant and shining skin visit Veya Esthetics!

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