Please suggest the best gynecologist in cloud 9 Malleshwaram bangalore

Anyone here can please suggest me the best gyne in cloud 9 malleshwaram for pregnancy consultation? personal experience please.


  • Dr anuradha is the best gynecologist at Cloud9 Malleshwaram . But please remember that she doesn't speak much and she is very crisp in her talks. But she is a very good doc. She doesn't easily go for Cesarean.She has a very good team.She has been my doc since my pre pregnancy counselling. When I first met her she did't spend much time but probably she was very busy but i knew she was a very good doctor as she was also the gyne for my co-sister. Both of us delivered normally. My co sister refer this gyne to me. She had a long labour she insisted for c sec but this doctor did a counselling for her.
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