Suggest a good dermatologist in and around Koramangala Bangalore for acne

Can someone suggest me a good dermatologist in Bangalore somewhere near koramangala. I have been struggling with acne for last 5 years and nothing really works on my skin. I have tried all possible acne treatment gel and creams and have consulted few doctors in Bangalore but nothing seems to work. Please help
Thanks in Advance


  • Dr. B.B. Ramesh Babu is an expert dermatologist From the citizen clinic in malleswaram. But let me warn you in advance if in case you decide to see him and take consultation the he might give you a cream that suits your skin type made by his clinic and then when you apply you might get light burn marks for two weeks then after that your skin will look fresh. so sometime people get scared and stops the treatment but believe me his treatment works.
  • Dr. Mukta Sachdev from Manipal Hospital is very fine dermatologist . She has her clinic at Ulsoor. Even I was tired of all sorts of treatment , cream , peels..finally her medication helped me clear my skin. She is good doctor worth trying for.
  • @minipaul I totally know how difficult is to handle the adult acne . it's very depressing at times. I had sailed in the same boat for long time. Then i realized that Acne is the outcome of something wrong going inside. And I told myself that I should work on my own. I have researched a lot. Though all the bodies are not same but still you can try these pointers which has helped me getting a complete clean and radiant skin free from acne and as this is natural so it took time . so patience is the key. But I am sure this will work on ACNE and is the best possible home remedy to fight out the stubborn adult acne.
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  • Thank you all. I am overwhelmed with the responses. I am going to try and let you know what works for me. Thank you so much again.
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