Looking for the best pediatrician in Gurgaon

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Can anyone please suggest the best pediatrician in Gurgaon?


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  • Dr Siddartha Gogia- 9899977935 ---He is the best in NCR.Very calm and Good Doctor.In South Delhi Dr Atul Chopra -9953006000
  • So many responses, I would like to thanks each one of you here. It is really useful. I have already shared this thread with many of my friends in Gurgaon. @Manisha , @meenu , @Akhilendra verma , @Nikhil thanks a lot :)
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  • I recently moved to Gurgaon from Pune and my child got sick. I went to Dr Mangala Pawar ph no. 9717007714 at Nirvana country. I was very much satisfied with her approach to me and my child. I was happy about the time she spend answering all my queries and she wants to know thorough history of your child and not just the current status.
    I also found that she is a senior consultant at Fortis (FMRI) gurgaon and she has a clinic at Sapphire mall ,shop 211, sohna road. I recommend her strongly.
  • @surekha‌
    Thanks for moving your feedback here. It will help others also who are part of this discussion.
    @nikhil‌ also visits the same doc, probably you guys can share notes.
  • Thks Manisha i had taken my Son to Dr. Gogia i found him really good.
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  • Of all the available Pediatricians available in Gurgaon, one should NEVER think of going to Dr Hemant Gogia ... he is only Interested in taking Money and charges huge sums if you visit him without appointment in case of Emergencies ! His Behavior has become rude and seriously doesn't suits his Job. Also, working round the clock with money in mind may indulge him to give bad medication due to stress . My Child was recommended heavy medicine and antibiotic, even when she had minor infection , which was treated very well by other Doctor. Visit him and see if this comment deviates from any point !
  • Manisha said:


    Based on friends and people in my social circle given below is the list of some good and trusted pediatrician in gurgaon. You can decide based on your location and proximity to their clinic.

    List----Doctor name-------- Address/ phone number--------- Remarks

    1----Dr.Divesh Aggarwal----- Galleria & Sec 14( 9811101201)--------He gives personal attention & avoid medicines many time. One can visit him on Sunday also

    2---Dr. Siddharth Gogia-----Clinic -galleria (9899977935)/Max--------The best thing is that he doesn't recommend strong medicines.He is undoubtedly competent, considerate and logical.He is well connected with the latest in the field of medicine and his diagnosis is bang on.

    Check one more review of Dr. Gogia on medlly at below link

    3----Dr.Vipul Sharma-------Max hospital Gurgaon-----------One of the best doctor I met at emergency at Max. When my son was detected from dengue. He handled everything very patiently & with due diligence.He did not admit him unnecessarily as suggested by other docs.

    4----Dr Shaguna Mahajan-----Clinic in galleria.-------------She's very patient nand looks at the child and can figure out what's going on inside.

    5----Dr Premlata---------Home Clinic in sec-14------------An old lady but very patient.Know her from 13 years.Gives no antibiotics, no useless test.Very homely and practical.

    6----Dr Saroja Balan------Apollo Hospital Gurgaon----------She doesn't give anti bio tics no unnecessary tests and most important u don't need to visit her for small things like cold, cough, fever etc. She'll tell u over the phone only. Her way of attending a child is very good.

    7----Dr. Sanjay Wazir-----Cradle (morning)/Sohna road(evening)----He is an amazing doctor and very safe with medicines.

    8----Dr. Hemant Gogia ---Artemis( 10AM-5PM)/ Private clinic in sec 56------ He is very Patient and gives ample time.Mobile number is 9811796306

    I agree with this list other than No 8, Dr Hemant Gogia .. Please read my comment before taking your child to him.
  • @Abhishek1312‌
    Which pediatrician are you consulting for you child. Pl share your experience
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  • Please suggest me the good trusted pediatrician in Old Gurugram
  • I would like to recommend Dr Vipul Sharma from Max Gurgaon. He's very good with kids. He understands their psychology and will talk to them to know why anything is happening to them . He sits Mon Wed Fri , 8am to 12noon.

    My kid had severe constipation problem and fisher issues form a long time . One doctor prescribed the laxatives . But Nothing worked . We had tried everything like fibers ,fruit , salads, prunes, munakka , suppositories. It was pain to see my kid in pain for hours to pass the hard stool .Finally doctor vipul diagnosed it correctly and cured my kid in 2 weeks. God bless him.
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