Disc bulge or back pain or Sciatica treatment in Bangalore.

I am 33 year old , mother of a kid .I have been diagnosed with disc bulge. I am not able to walk even. There is a radiating pain on my left leg from my left hip side to the ankle. I have got an MRI done today and I am advised to take rest. I an going to see the dr tomorrow. Can anyone say what it is exactly and how can it be fixed. Please share your experience and any home remedy which has work for you. Some people in my locality is saying that surgery is the last resort . I do not want to go for the surgery. What are the chances of healing if I take up any other alternative therapy . IF any alternative therapy which has worked and if you know a good center in Bangalore for that please suggest .


  • It could be prolapsed intervertebral disc causing nerve compression. You might try physiotherapy. You are in your thirties you should be able to heal with proper rest and physiotherapy. My friend had a disc bulge nearly a year ago.She was in similar situation not able to sit or walk. They consulted a physiotherapist. Which involved the pain management like heat pads and physio modality called as Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation ( TENS) . She was healed completely
    Later they told some exercises to strengthen the core and back muscle which can be done in the home.
  • @Anitha Yes I am planning to go for physiotherapy. Good to know that your friend is doing fine now. Thank you for answering this.
  • Anyone suffering with Ankylosing Spondylitis with back pain? I want to know how to better manage this pain. I am suffering a lot . I want to know any good home remedy or alternative treatments which can take me out of this painful depressing situation. Give me hope please I want to know / listen more recovery story ..
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