Which is the best gynecologist doctor in Whitefield area to handle high risk pregnancy complications

There are so many hospitals and clinics for women but most of them targeting to fetch money and prescribing unnecessary tests, c section etc. Which one is good in Whitefield area. Haven't heard of many options. Pls suggest. I have earlier consulted Dr. Gayatri and Anita and they were good but Whitefield are there good experienced doctors? How is Feminit, Narayana, cloudnineITPL,columbia?


  • Dr. Hema Divakar at JP nagar, 2nd phase. She is the best gynaecologist in Bangalore. She will definitely handle high risk pregnancy complications.She is having her own Clinic.Divakar Speciality Hospital in JP nagar, 2nd phase.

    In Feminit hospital Dr Anitha B is good. Another option is dr. Kavita KOvi. Dr Kavitha Kovi is in rainbow hospitals. Dr Kavita's own clinic Matritva is in varthur road above hdfc bank.
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  • @kdutta

    there are couple of good doctors in the area mentioned above. You can find their location and reviews on below link.


    My sister in law delivered in OLD airport road manipal and Manipal is surely equipped to handle any complications.


    I will suggest you to meet two three gyne and see with whom you are comfortable.
    Wish you a healthy pregnancy and normal delivery ahead. :)

    If you find a good gynecologist then please share your consultancy review/ experience and baby delivery experience with us. This will certainly help many people like us who are looking for this kind f information.
  • @ShenazD please check this discussion and you can find reviews here.
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    Please contact Dr.Chitra in Apollo Bannerghata .she is really efficient in high risk pregnancies. I had some complex issue during my pregnancy and she handled it so well. I know It might be tedious going there as I am also in whitefield but traveling to her was worth as she took best of care when many doctors said either one among us could be saved but she is too good .

    Best wishes for you.
  • I agree Shri. Dr Kavita kovi is an excellent gynecologist and very friendly you will not hesitate to ask any question. She is not at all money minded and she also do not prescribe much medicines.All the best !
  • Dr Sita Rajan , She now sits at Columbia asia Whitefield. She is an extremely experienced doctor and with experience you know exactly how to handle each case. I even know people who have delivered normally for their second delivery wherein they first had c-section.

  • @kdutta , did you finalize your doc?

    I am consulting Dr Namita Kapoor in Columbia Asia currently, and found her very good..she also visits Terald Rxdx, NH, Apolo Cradle, gives me required time. I do ask any foolish questions as this is my first pregnancy, but she answers well, and even keep on guiding about things which I dint ask, but she herself explained as those were important for good development of baby.

    Let me know which doc you have finalized?
  • Hi All ,

    Please provide valuable feedback for Dr Teena Thomas , from RxDx. I am consulting her but not so sure to continue. Kindly suggest if she is helpful and reliable for delivery
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