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Acne is very common for teenagers but sometimes it's nightmare for adults also. So these kind of acne are basically because of imbalance of hormones. I have suffered with acne during my teenage days and now in my thirties i am having the same problem.

After putting over the counter medicine for almost 2 years I have found out some home remedies for acne which really works . At Least it has worked with me and also it has worked with the people whom I have suggested. So I thought its good time to share my learning with all.

So here I go with my best home remedies which even works for adults as well :)

1. Exercise every day: Yes you heard it right . Exercise is not only important to maintain the strong physical body It also helps to control the crazy hormones in check. So I have incorporated 30 to 45 mins to excercise regime for daily . And I do Pranayam ( Bastrika, Kapal bharti , Anulom vilom ) for 15 mins and 30 min for different asanas. Some days I choose to go for a walk. Pranayam also help to reduce stress which flares the acne.

2. Lime out the acne : lime can do wonders orally as well as on application . Please do include atleast one full lime in your daily food intake either like lime water or like some drops in your salad or any other way you wish to. One lime can take care of the 30 - 35 % of your daily requirement of VItamin C . And believe me if you increase more and more Vitamin C , not only acne , no other diseases will come to you :).

Also if you are worried about the black heads then daily put some drops of lemon on your black head area ( after washing your face) and within a month your black heads will dry out . Lemon also helps to erase the acne marks.

3. Love your liver : Yes liver plays a crucial role in our body to maintain the hormone balances. It helps body to remove toxins so please love your liver and stay away from alcohol, sugar, caffeine and have food which help liver like garlic , green leafy veg , lots and lots of water .

You might get ample of remedies here and there but if you follow my above 3 simple remedies for 3 months I am sure all sorts of acne will be cleared . Also to motivate you further all the above mentioned ways will help you to be in your youth forever as all these are kind of anti aging :):)


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    Good points @srimathi .

    But I would like to tell you that I had tried everything possible on this earth , best of dermatologist medicine, Peels, all possible home remedies , acne creams , acne face wash but nothing worked .

    I was tired of everything , sometime some remedy worked but after few days a fresh break out was there. I had no idea what was missing. I used to keep my skin clean I used to have the best of nutritious food , best of acne creams best of sunscreen .

    Finally I found something which I can proudly say it works for acne and it is free of cost. I feel like getting this method patent. This acne home remedy not only works on acne , it completely heals the skin and also even tone the face .

    ANd the powerful remedy is. Do the below 2 things for 30 days and you will get the clear skin with even skin tone.

    1. Have four glass of water in the morning empty stomach. Make sure you do't eat any thing for next 45 min to one hour.
    2. Do not use anything on the face except water. Yes you heard it right. No face wash no creams nothing and just use the water.

    I know you must be thinking how the face will be clean , believe me you do not need anything except water to clean your face. Do not use any creams any peels anything on face . just stick to the plain water.The skin rejuvenates itself within 30 days.

    Please try and share your experience .
  • Interesting @Ambi I would like to try this out. I just have one doubt that will water will be sufficient to take all the dirt and oil off the face? How about makeup clearing ?
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