Home remedies for hernia treatment

Hernia causes a lot of discomfort. Difficulty in swallowing food, burning sensation, abdominal pain, excessive bleeding are the common signs of Hernia. People with Hernia are advised to carry out self-care, healthy diet, and exercises to relieve discomfort. Patients with hernia are advised not to carry out activities that increase intra-abdominal pressure like lifting, coughing, and straining that cause Hernia to increase in size. Hot spicy food, smoking, alcohol, drug abuse are a strict no-no for Hernia patients. High fibre and nutrient rich diet is recommended for such patients. Additionally, here are some home remedies encompassing of super foods that are supposed to be consumed by Hernia patients to relive the symptoms and decrease the generation disease. The superfoods are given in the below list:

1.Consumption of vegetable Juice: Vegetable juice of carrots, beetroot, tomato, spinach etc. are good to relive the signs of hernia. Burning sensation and problem with bowel can be treated with vegetable juices. Juices are rich in fibre and have a cooling effect. Thereby, with their cooling effect they decrease the burning sensation and aids in digestion due to the presence of heavy fibres.

2.Ginger tea: Ginger roots are known as a reliver herb from ancient times. It was used by our ancestors to treat hernia. The best way to consume ginger root is by preparing a ginger tea out of it. Ginger roots are boiled in a cup of water and little jaggery is added to enhance the taste. The chemicals food in the roots act as a pain killer and relives the abdominal pain caused by Hernia. The ginger tea shows maximum result when consumed in an empty stomach. Be very cautious with ginger tea as overdose may cause a stomach upset.

3.Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar is scientifically proved remedy to treat symptoms of hernia. Apple cider vinegar is to be consumed with warm water before every meal. Only 1 to 2 teaspoons is the desired amount for getting best results. It treats the heartburn, acidity, and indigestion problem caused after meals in Hernia patients. Apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature but produces an alkaline effect in the body thereby, curing indigestion issues.

4.Water: Warm water is an excellent remedy for any stomach or abdominal related issues. Lot of warm water is to be consumed by the patients who are suffering from hernia especially in case of inguinal hernia. Water helps in relieving pain, which is a very common hernia symptom.

5.Fresh fruits: Fruits are the best way to soothe a painful belly and to improve digestion. Almost all kind of fruits are rich in fibre to aid in bowel movement. For hernia patient avocado and pineapple are the two best fruits to be consumed. Both these fruits have nutrients that inflammation, pain and swelling which is caused by this disorder. Fruits can be consumed raw or in the form of juices as per the availability and convenience.

Additionally there are some exercises that can be performed at home itself by Hernia patients. Below is the list of exercises that are bound to reduce hernia symptoms and can be performed without an expert:

1.Walking: Simple walking at a medium pace is a good remedy to treat hernia. Walking gets hold of the three target areas that need strengthening for hernia patient. They are the pelvic floor, the lower abdomen and the muscles that link the abdomen to the shoulders and rib cage. It relieves pain and decreases the protruded hernia. Walking for about half an hour daily is recommended for hernia patients.

2.Breathing exercise: Simple inhaling the air from your mouth and exhaling it via your nose is considered as a very good exercise for Hernia patients. It targets the abdominal muscles and the stomach area which is affected. Breathing exercises are to be performed for about 15 minutes daily so as to get the desired results.

3.Crunches: Exercises for hernia aims to improve the abdominal strength. Crunches are a best way to get a strong core. Mini crunches are to be performed focusing on tightening the abdominal area. Tightening of the abdominal area helps to relive pain, increase strength, and also decreasing the hernia. Crunches are to be performed on a regular basis. One can start off with as less as 10 crunches and may slowly and gradually increase the number.

Hernia is not a life-threatening disease. Simple lifestyle and dietary changes can do wonders in the hernia patients.
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