Baby vaccination at Fortis hospital, Noida

I am not a big fan of fortis hospital Noida and avoid going there for consultations, operations etc because I find it to be too commercial. However, I do visit it for vaccination of my baby. My logic was that vaccination is just about giving an injection and few oral drops, how much could they fleece me there. But I was wrong. Here is what has happened in my last 2 visits to Fortis for vaccination.
Visit 1: Told at the billing counter that I want vaccination done for my baby. They made a bill of Rs 450 and told me to purchase the vaccinations either from their pharmacy or from the market. I bought the vaccines from the fortis pharmacy and went to the pediatrician who would administer the vaccines. The pediatrician was not happy when he saw the Rs 450 receipt since it did not had his name as the referring doctor. He told me that he will not get any money if his name was not there and asked us to ensure his name was on the receipt the next time. He also told that he gets 60% of the billed money as commission. This was the first time in my life I heard about how much commission is being paid to doctors from a doctor himself.
Visit 2: Told at the billing counter that I want vaccination done and also mentioned the name of the doctor, since the same doctor was on duty and I remembered what he has told me the last time. The receipt was for Rs 450 again and now had the name of the doc on it. When I visited the doctor he told me I should get a consultation receipt (which costs Rs 800) and not the vaccination receipt. I did not ask why but it was pretty clear that he will make a higher commission on Rs 800.
As a result it looks like I will not be visiting Fortis Noida for vaccinations either.


  • Our was a similar experience, although not that blatant. On one of our visit to the Fortis hospital for our son's vaccination we found the regular pediatrician to be absent. So we thought of going to this other available one as it was matter of one vaccination only.
    On checking the baby health card, this new doctor immediately started pointing out serious in the way vaccines were administered by the other doctor. Although we had no reasons to suspect because the card was seen by some of the trusted doctors from within and outside our family. After administring the vaccine, we were coolly handed over a visiting card with doctor's personal clinic address and with more than a hint that we should be coming there instead, in future.
    Really tough to suggest good options in Noida. Did hear though that one of the lady sitting in TOT mall was good.
  • We have visited the lady doctor in TOT mall, though not for vaccinations. She undoubtedly gives ample time and hears you out. But the problem is that she is quite popular and her clinic does not take appointments. Because of this you need to go there and wait it out. For us the waiting time has been sometimes more than 1.5 hours.
    It gets difficult to manage your ailing kid a midst other small kids for such a long duration of time.
  • We decided to give Fortis one last chance and went for vaccination again. The new doc that we visited not only did not talk about the money but was friendly with the baby too.
    We have went to get vaccination done for pneumonia+meningitis which is a non mandatory vaccine. This was not available in the fortis pharmacy. We have already paid the consultation fee (which entitles you to visit for consultation for upto 5 days) so we decided to visit after 2 days. The doc also talked to the pharmacy and asked them to procure the vaccine.
    When we visited after 2 days, the vaccine was still not there. I told this to the doc and he suggested I should go to the Medical Superintendent of Fortis and file a complaint. I went to his office to lodge a complaint and he was on leave :). Now I can't go during the weekdays and the consultation charge of Rs 600 that I paid goes down the drain.
    Later I got to learn from friends that medicines are generally not available at the Fortis pharmacy. So if are planning to get vaccination done at Fortis make sure the vaccine is in the pharmacy before you get the billing done.
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  • These comments, surely gives a warning signs. But parents always want what's best for their new born !!! and that's what these Hospitals take advantage off. I think it's better for all of us to share more and more regarding new Doctors or Clinics, where they have been. It will truly help many others in finding the right one.
  • @swadesh‌
    I agree parents are more vulnerable especially the first time parents, since they have no past experiences with pediatricians.
    Pl share your experience here if you also take your baby to a doctor in noida
  • Hi, extremely surprised to read the reviews about fortis. Both my babies, 4 yrs and 7 weeks old, have got vaccinations at fortis by a particular doctor. He has taken care of both my babies in the best possible way. Always extremely patient, very friendly, never in a rush and money is last thing on his mind. Highly recommended by me to all in noida
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