Pregnancy is a surreal experience for any woman; it certainly was for me. And it was made memorable at Fortis, thanks to Dr Anita Mohan and her team. Mercifully, my pregnancy progressed quite smoothly and thus my periodic consultations were quick affairs. As a first time mother-to-be, I had of course quite a few questions and concerns all the time that Dr Mohan would make short shrift of, to the extent that I was admittedly skeptical of her 'involvement' initially.

But by the time I delivered, I could confidently say I was in a great pair of hands. I was particularly keen on normal delivery, but she kept me grounded the whole time considering my baby's position was transverse for a while during the pregnancy. Without raising any hopes, she also corrected some notions I had about epidural usage (which helped me during labour time.)

My labour was due to induction, and apparently I responded well. But plenty credit is due to the team at Fortis who monitored things well. Especially the sisters ( nurses) at all stages, who were extremely empathetic to our needs. Special mention for Sister Ambili and Sister Shringa in LDRP who I remember rather gratefully for their care and compassion - they were quite alert and responsive to my state, assuming you can imagine what pain in labour can be. As also duty doctor Dr. Vijaya who said -- and did -- all the right things during delivery time.

Given the increasing infrequency of normal deliveries these days, I am rather fortunate and grateful for that I could have one. (Full disclosure: Distressingly painful recuperation post-delivery since I had a 3 kg baby, and some deep stitches).

Thanks once again to Dr. Anita Mohan and the team for making this divine experience even sweeter and memorable.


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