Good PCOD expert gynecologist in Pune for Pregnancy consultation

Hi All ,
I am suffering from PCOD PROBLEM my Age is 24 . I want to consult a good gynecologist for pregnancy who is expert in handling PCOD cases .Please suggest me doctor in Pune for that.


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    @Ashvini There are no medicines for pcod. Doctors mostly prescribe birth control pills which regulate ovulation and make your periods happen on time. But With those medicines you won't be able to conceive. I am talking from experience here. Please go natural..Stress is the main reason.Don't be stressed and go for a walk, eat healthy and stay healthy. Focus on losing weight and have healthy diet. For my case after trying changing lots of doctors. I joined Yoga and lost 9 kgs in three month by 4th month onwards my periods were regular at its own and I conceived in 5th month. Now I am mother of a 2 year old. Best of Luck

    Connecting you with @bamishr they are also looking for good gynecologist in Pune for PCOD cases . You can share experience with each other.
  • For PCOD my friend had good experience with dr. otiv. Busy clinic, need to go by appointment. It helped my friend when she went with list of questions written, methodical treatment. Heard good opinion.
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