Fasttrack Knee Replacement Surgery at MaxCure Hospitals Hyderabad

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Now a days most of the people who are above 45 years are suffering with joint pains (knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain etc.). Maximum people will neglect the pain and carry on with their day to day activities and they even try some home made or ayurvedic medicines to reduce the pain. Later once after increasing the pain they consult orthopedic doctors.

We generally suggest to get an expert opinion so as we can reduce the pain in initial stages. Joint pains are now a days very common problem and hence so many hospitals and clinics are providing the treatment services for the joint pains. So we suggest to get an expert advice before choosing to have any treatment.

Highlights of Dept. of Orthopedics in MaxCure Hospitals:

1. MaxCure has award winning Orthopedic team, MaxCure Hospitals was awarded as the Best Hospital for Orthopedics in India.

2. MaxCure Hospitals is the first hospital in India to implementcan able to walk within 3-4 hours after the Total Knee Replacement Surgery.

3. MaxCure Hospitals will perform Joint Replacement Surgery with Computer Assisted (Navigated) Technology which results with 99.99% success rate in the Joint Replacement Surgery.

4. MaxCure Hospitals has the best orthopedics team led byDr. Krishna Kiran Eachempati and Dr. Sunil Apsingi, best joint replacement surgeons in Hyderabad, India.

5. MaxCure Hospitals is first in the region to implement Golden Implant for Knee Replacement Surgery, Golden Knee Implant is manufactured using 7 layers which will last for 30-35* years after the surgery.

6. MaxCure Hospitals is the only destination for Complex Orthopedic Surgeries and Revision Orthopedics Surgeries. Surgeries which were failed or rejected in other hospitals are successfully treated at MaxCure Hospital with highest success rate.

Facilities at MaxCure Hospitals:

1. MaxCure Hospitals accept all leading ">private insurances<>health schemes and empanelled with all leading government organisations, leading private organisations.

2. MaxCure Hospitals has an exclusive team of physiotherapy which will perform physiotherapy and basic exercises for the patient post surgery for better results and faster recovery.

3. MaxCure Hospitals has an exclusive team for providing treatment for Sports Medicine.

We will provide you with the FREE expert advice, please WhatsApp your medical reports to (+91) 8008186678 or email your reports to [email protected]

To know the complete details, please feel free to call us on (+91) 8008186678 or email us to [email protected]
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