Please share the Cost of baby normal delivery in delhi

Please share the cost of baby delivery in Delhi .


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    @Niyaz , Below is the list of Normal delivery Package cost in various hospital of Delhi, As per your location you can find out the hospital near to you.

    1. Apollo Cradle Royale---- -Nehru Enclave, Opp. Pind Balluchi ---- 1,90,000

    2. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital--Sarita Vihar, Delhi-Mathura Road---1,10,000

    3. Fortis Hospitals Ltd - Greater Kailash --- 90,000

    4. Artemis Hospital--Sector 20, Dwarka---75,000

    5. Flt Lt Rajan Dhall Charitable Trust--1, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg--72,000

    6. Apollo Hospitals, Sec - 26, Noida --66,000

    7. Apollo Spectra Hospitals--New Rohtak Road, Karol Bagh--60,000

    8. Brrighton Kavita Hospital--Sector 29, Opp Huda Market- 60,000

    9. Sukhmani Hospital-- Safedarjung Enclave----55,500

    10. Adiva Hospitals-- Green Park Extension--52,000

    11. Max Devki Devi Hospital-- Press Enclave Road, Saket-- 51,500

    12. Nulife Hospital & Maternity Centre--G.T.B. Nagar, Kingsway Camp--50,000

    13. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital--Rajinder Nagar-- 49,913

    14. Pushapwati Singhania Hospital---Shaikh Sarai---49,825

    15. Paras Spring Meadows Hospital----East Of Kailash---49,000

    16. Rockland Hospital----Qutab, Institutional Area----48,700

    17. Rockland Hospital---Phase-1, Dwarka----48,700

    18. Max Hospital--Sector - 19,Noida----48,600

    19. Max Balaji Hospital--Indraprastha Extension, Patpargang--48,600

    20. Sawan Neelu Angels Nursing Home-- Saket----48,000

    21. Sant Parmanand Hospital --Sham Nath Marg, Civil Lines---48,000

    22. Fortis Hospitals Ltd - Noida----Sector-62---46,000

    23. Alchemist Hospitals Limited--Sector - 53, Saraswati Kunj---45,500

    24. Irene Health Services Pvt Ltd--Kalkaji Extn, MCD Hospital----45,000

    25. Talwar Medical Centre---Greater Kailash-2---- 45,000

    26. Vardaan Hospital---Malviya Nagar---45,000

    27. Kalawati Kaustubh Hospital Pvt Ltd--Inder Enclave---45,000

    28. Aapka Urgicare Private Limited----Shaheen Bagh, Sarita Vihar--45,000

    29. Neelkanth Hospital-- Phase III, DLF , Gurgaon --45,000

    30. Saket City Hospital--Press Enclave Road, Saket---44,000

    31. Tirupati Stone Centre & Hospital--Gagan Vihar--43,000

    32. Pushpanjali Medical Centre--Vikas Marg Extn--42,000

    33. Indogulf Hospital--Sec - 19, Noida --42,000

    34. Dr. B. L. Kapoor Hospital --Pusa Road---42,000

    35. Max Super Speciality Hospital-- Shalimar Bagh---42,000

    36. Max Hospital (Unit of Alphs Hospital)--Sushant Lok Gurgaon--- 41,700

  • 37. Park Hospital---Meera Enclave, Outer Ring Road--40,000
    38. Jaipur Golden Hospital----Institutional Area, Sec 3, Rohini--40,000
    39. Holy Angel Hospital---- Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar--40,000
    40. Aarogya Hospital---Sector - 6, Vaishali Ghaziabad--40,000
    41. Shivalik Medical Center Pvt. Ltd.--Hoshiyapur Market, Sector 51- -- 40,000
    42. Sunder Lal Jain Hospital--Ashok Vihar, Phase -3--- 40,000
    43. Fortis Hospitals Ltd - Shalimar Bagh---39,000
    44. Paras Hospital---Sushant Lok, Sector-43 Gurgaon ----38,500
    45. Irene Health Services Pvt Ltd-- Dichaon Chowk, Najafgarh--38,000
    46. Max Hospital---Hb Twin Towers, Pitampura--- 38,000
    47. Sukhda Hospital---Pampose Enclave G.K.I---- 38,000
    48. Mayom Hospital-- D Block, South City-I, Gurgaon---37,760
    49. Vardaan Hospital---J - Block, Sector - 10----36,200
    50. Agarwal Medical Centre----Greater Kailash Part-I--35,000
    51. Sunil Hospital--Malviya Nagar---- 35,000
    52. Gupta Multi Speciality Hospital--- Vivek Vihar--35,000
    53. Qrg Central Hospital And Research Centre Ltd-- Ajronda Chowk--35,000
    54. Maheshwari Hospital----F. 1. U/41, Pitam Pura---35,000
    55. Kailash Healthcare Ltd.--H - 33, Sec - 27, Noida--35,000
    56. Sehgal Nursing Home-- B-364, Meera Bagh---33,100
    57. Bansal Hospital & Research Centre Pvt Ltd--- NFC---32,000
    58. Kamal Hospital--- Kaushambi, Opp.Wave Cinema Ghaziabad--31,000
    59. Yatharth Wellness & Trauma Center- - Sector - 110 Noida---- 30,400
    60. R.K. Hospital---3C/59 B.P., N.I.T., Near Metro Cinema--- 30,000
    61. Sarvodaya Hospital & Research Centre-- Kavi Nagar,Ghaziabad--30,000
    62. Kalyani Hospital--Mehrauli - Gurgaon Road---- 30,000
    63. Vinayak Hospital---Derawal Nagar, Model Town---30,000
    64. Saroj Hospital & Heart Institute--- Rohini---- 29,900
    65. Batra Hospital & Med Research Center-- Tughlakbad Insti Area--- 29,750
    66. Yatharth Wellness Hospital & Trauma Centre--, Omega-I Noida----28,880
    67. Apex Citi Hospital---West Vinod Nagar,Hanuman Road-----28,000
    68. Tyagi Nursing Home--Ashok Nagar---28,000
    69. Lall Nursing Home---New Railway Road Gurgaon--- 28,000
    70. Avantika Hospital---Sector-2, Rohini----28,000
    71. Divya Prastha Hospital----Palam Colony, Dwarka---28,000
    72. Chandra Laxmi Hospital---Sector - 4,Vaishali Ghaziabad--28,000
  • I am 6months pregnant,and planning to deliver in paras east of kailash. I want to know the package of normal as well as c-section delivery of the respective hospital mentioned.
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  • @Bonny .
    The approximate baby delivery cost for Normal delivery is 49000 and for caesarean delivery it is approximately 74000 rs on twin sharing room basis.

    Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy . :)

    if you like to check the other hospital c- sec cost in delhi then please see this link

    Also please do share your pregnancy check up experience if you know a good doctor then do share it with others here.
  • M 4 month of pregnant and planing delivery to max patparganj.want to know package of normal and caeserian delivery on private room.
  • Hello,
    I am 2.5 month pregnant and want to know about the c-session and normal delivery charges in max, shalimar bagh delhiand appolo cradle, moti nagar, delhi.
    Kindly help.
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  • @Rrisha Aggarwal Normal delivery and C- secdelivry charges for Max Shalimar bag is around 40,000 and 60,000 rs approximately. Apollo Cradle Moti nagar charges are not shared here yet. But Apollo cradle at Nehru enclave had normal and c - sec charges are around 1,90,000 and 2,22,000 respectively . Hope this will give you an idea.

    Wishing you a healthy pregnancy and normal delivery ahead. :smile:

    How is your pregnancy consultation is going on ? If your gynecologist is good please please do share your experience here , this way you can help others who are looking for good gynecologist.
  • Hi

    I am in my 7th month and my doctor too sits in both these two hospitala namely max shalimar bagh and appolo craddle moti nagar. Pls confirm if these are the current prices at max shalimar bagh which you have mentioned in ur previous post!!

    Also confirm the charges for apolo cradle

  • Hello!
    I'm newly registered here and I would like to ask a few questions. I am pregnant and me and my husband wanted to register for maternity package at Phoenix Hospital at Greater Kailash, Delhi. Please can you tell us the cost for normal delivery there.
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  • Hi, I m newly registered
    Could you please confirm the cost of baby delivery at fortis la femme GK
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    Hi, I'm newly registered. Could someone tell me the charges of Mayom, Max and Artemis in gurgaon for normal delivery?
  • I m pregnant now and I want to know about the best hospital in East delhi for vbac .. actually 6 month ago via c section i had a baby boy and after 2 days I lost my baby. so this time i want best doctor and hospital. I also want to know about St stephen hospital... I want normal delivery.
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  • Hello,
    My wife pregnant from 5 month i want to know the total cost of baby and patient care and normal and cesarean delivery cost in blk hospital from 5 months to baby delivery.
    kindly provide the package of total cost from 5 month to till end.
  • @123456789 I might not be able to help had you with your query but I can certainly tell you please don't worry. Whatever had happened had happened and that was really sad. But wish you a very healthy pregnancy and normal delivery ahead . Wish you have a healthy baby soon.

    Please do not worry now about VBAC now. VBAC can be decided in last phase of the pregnancy. In most cases the doctor will not be able to tell you if vbac is possible until the last trimester.Also they say minimum 3 year gap is required for for VBAC from previous pregnancy .
  • Hello, I am 5 months pregnant now and I want to deliver in Moolchand hospital. Kindly share the price of normal as well as caesarean delivery.
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    Hi Niyaz,

    At Parasbliss Hospital, complete mother & child care center in soth delhi you can get delivery at the reasonable price.
  • Hello mam, what are the normal and c section charges for yashoda hospital kaushambi. And which one i should prefer yashoda or max vaishali?pls reply
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    Sitaram Bhartia Institute of Science & Research has one of the highest normal delivery rate (88%) in Delhi with excellent facilities, highly experienced gynecologists and reasonable prices.
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  • @singhnish2802 @Puneet Singhal Thanks for mentioning the name of the hospital. But it would be great if you give more details around your overall experience ( doctor, hospital , nurses care, cost etc ) . That would certainly help.
  • Hi Manisha, the most important thing which differentiates Sitaram Bhartia Hospital from the rest is that they follow 'Group Practice' in their maternity program so you are not assigned a single doctor for your pregnancy. All the gynecologists work as a single unit as a cohesive team and everyone is aware of the history and condition of each patient. If one of the gynecologists is not available then you can consult any other gynecologist who is also completely aware of your medical history/reports. You are not dependent on one individual doctor in this case and that's why they were able to achieve such great results with only 12% cesarean rates in 2016 and it is one of the very few hospitals in India who publicly disclose their Normal Delivery Vs C-section rates every year.
  • Hi My wife is 7 months pregnant kindly share the total delivery charges in neelkanth hospital gurugram
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  • Pls share the both normal and C-Section charges
  • @Nitesh124 the average cost for normal delivery and c - sec at
    Neelkanth Hospital-- Phase III, DLF , Gurgaon is 45,000 and 64000 respectively. on twin sharing room basis.

    Wishing you a normal delivery and healthy baby soon :). ALl the best

    Please let us know your experience of consultation like which gynecologist you are meeting on regular basis and how is the experience so far. If you have found a good gynecologist please do share it will help many.
  • Hi Manisha,

    I am new to this site but liked it, so thought to share my query.
    I am looking and comparing hospitals from my delivery between Apollo royle cradle Nehru Place and Fortis La femme GK. Pls share the cost nd reviews about both for C-sec.
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  • Pls guide with reason which hospital is better for delivery cases among following choices :

    Moolchand hospital Lajpat ng

    Phoneix GK

    Max Noida SEC 19

    Adiva Green park
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