Baby delivery in Manipal Hospital Bangalore review

My wife had her delivery in Manipal Hospital under Dr. Manjula Shivashankar 's team.Team of doctors are ok.
She had developed some complications so been advised for cesarean. Overall cost of delivery was 1 lakh over period of 4 days for my wife.Baby was covered separately for around ten thousand. Insurance section takes a lot of time for approval at least 6 hrs . I stayed with my wife, room was clean. And nurses came on time whenever my wife or baby needed them.


  • I was confused between Manipal Hospital and Cloud 9 for the delivery of my little one.I chose Manipal because it is a multispeciality hospital and thus they can handle any complication that might occur. Also, compared to Cloud9 Manipal has better ICU for new born and the quality/quantity of nurses is also better.
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