IVF Specialist in Bangalore

Hi All,

I am here with some good IVF Specialist at Bangalore

Dr. Uma sheshgiri At Malleshwaram : She is an expert in IVF. She has solved a lot of cases of IVF, one of my friend tried for 10 years almost every place in Bangalore then conceived with this doctor. She is a small time practitioner but good doctor.

Dr. Archana Agarwal at Marathahalli : Had a very positive experience with Dr Archana Agarwal at Mannat Fertility Clinic. She is Very hands on, no nonsense, very caring doctor. I am blessed because of her. Thank you doctor for giving the world’s best happiness. Never seen such type of doctor in life

Dr. Sneha N in jpnagar : Dr. Sneha practices fertility accupuncture.. Many women who are trying to conceive and have been unsuccessful go to her. She goes to the foundation of the problem and solves it. She is amazing and has helped many women have children.

Dr. Prabha Ramakrihnan at Marathahalli : She is the Head of Gynea Department in Sakara Hospital. A very genuine Doctor not money making one. I got married at 34 and conceived at 35,and by God grace despite of 6 tabs of high bp,iron deficiency and weight of 126 kg delivered a normal and healthy baby on auspicious day of Xmas....God blessings came in disguise of my gynaec who said will make sure I have normal delivery and succeed in it...Still I never went on bed rest and drove to hospital for checkups and all work... Words are short in praise of her, respects a lady’s Privacy

Dr Sriprada vinekar at Malleshwaram : Please visit Dr Sriprada vinekar! She is one of those brilliant low key docs who very few people know about! She cares, she listens, she doesn't care about money and she is so bloody good at her job! Just meet her u will not go anywhere else! I went to her one week before my delivery because my doctor bailed on me and she stayed by my side throughout a 24 hour labour with cord around baby's neck and ensured a beautiful natural delivery that was such a happy experience for me ! She's also helped a friend with fertility issues and she swears by her!

Hope It would help to those people who desperately want to become parents
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