Some good Doctors for Urticaria Allergy ( Dermatologist ) in Bangalore

Here are some good Dermatologist in Bangalore.

Dr. Jamelin at Brookfields : There is an allergy specialist Dr. Jamelin in Brookefields. He practices a method called NAET. He treated my daughter who was born severely Lactose and gluten intolerant, she is completely cured. Lot of my friends have found him very useful in eliminating any allergies. Ph:+91 080 41138908, 42042385 Mobile:+91 9880150007.

Dr. Narendra Prasad : Please visit Dr. Nagendra Prasad, He is an expert in treating allergies. Their test report gives extensive results that are allergic to individual's body. I had severe urticaria few years back, but now it is under control.

St. Naina at Koramangala : St. Naina at the NAET clinic at Koramangala helped control my urticaria at a point when both allopathy and homeopathy was not helping. Having gone through the same, I hope you soon find out what helps you.

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